Review: The Milky Tee Company

As my blog develops I’m looking forward to opportunities working with brands however it’s important to me that I’m plugging things that are appropriate to me, my audience and Educating Roversi as a blog.

Currently I’m exclusively breastfeeding my daughter, who was born in December 2017, so when I saw t-shirts made by The Milky Tee Company and decided to email and see if they fancied a collaboration. I was super excited to get a response from the founder, Lauren, only a few days later
My outfits when breastfeeding usually consist of layers. I have had the odd breastfeeding top in the past but have found them to be impractical or unstylish therefore every outfit I wear has a feeding vest underneath so I can lift the top layer up and the vest down. This works, for the most part, however it limits the clothes I can wear and in the warmer weather, extra layers are never a good thing…not that we’ve had much of that yet, but we did when my son was born in June 2014.


When my tee arrived I was immediately impressed by the pretty packaging, complete with milk bottle sweets (not that I got a look in with those as my son was hanging around when I opened it!). I’d struggled to pick a design initially because they are all very on trend and appropriate for the modern mum. I settled on the “Mutha” slogan but there are four designs to choose from, plus a plain white tee and more on the way, which I can’t wait for!

Each t-shirt is made with 100% premium cotton and you can feel the quality of the t-shirt when you put it on. If I am completely honest, I’m not a fan of white shirts…I like them on other people but, being a curvier girl, I always feel a little exposed and bigger in white so I tend to avoid it. I also usually find white tops a bit see through but due to the thick quality of the cotton, I didn’t have this problem with the Milky Tee!


Lauren sent me a medium which works out at a size 12-14. Fifteen weeks on from giving birth to Spud, I am floating around a size 14-16 (but currently on Weight Watchers trying to battle the baby weight!) but the t-shirt fitted well. They are generously sized so the medium was flatteringly fitted without being too baggy or too tight on my Mum Tum. I also LOVE that they are longer in length. Why are so many tops cropped these days? It’s so annoying. I’m glad that Lauren as gone against this trend as the longer length means that they can be worn with jeans, skirts or, the classic mum uniform – leggings. I can also confirm that, as my mum would say “it washes lovely” and doesn’t shrink either.

I got so many compliments wearing this t-shirt! 

The zips are hidden down each side of the t-shirt and I wondered if they would irritate me but I genuinely didn’t even notice they were there and neither did anyone else! Practically, the tees make breastfeeding in public so easy. Simply unzip and latch them on! I like to discreetly breastfeed, I’m not one for whacking my whole boob out for all to see, and the Milky Tee allows me to do that. I’m self conscious of my body so the only thing I was slightly conscious of was my side being exposed but (i think) my arm or cardigan blocked my muffin top! The loose fit design of the tees adds to the usability as you need a bit of room to move the tee to the side when you unzip to allow feeding.


I’m hoping that Lauren will bring out some more t-shirts in different colours so I can also get one in my safety colour, black. At £29.99 per t-shirt, they are a little on the pricey side but you get what you pay for and with Milky Tee thats practically, style and quality which I imagine will last the length of your breastfeeding journey.

Milky Tee Facebook – Milky Tee TwitterMilky Tee Instagram – Milky Tee Website

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I was sent this t-shirt in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 



  1. These are fab! I used the same idea as you when I breastfed with the layers but it was limiting. I’d defo like to invest in some breastfeeding clothing if I ever get a chance to do it again. These are great. But if they unzip completely from bottom to top, I would still maybe find myself more comfortable if I wore a vest underneath.


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  2. I love this ide! I’ve seen this all over Instagram and I wish I knew about them sooner for my children. I didn’t breast feed because I was far too self concious but these look like they take all of the awkwardness out of the equation 😊 Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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