Time To Start A New Adventure

Ey Up!

Welcome to my new site, Becka’s Bubble.


I’m Becka (obviously!) the original writer of Educating Roversi (ER) and also known as Becky, Rebecca and Bex, A few months ago, I resigned from my role as a Drama teacher in a Leeds school and, since then, I’ve had this niggling thought in the back of my mind that I needed to change my blog.

After 11 years of teaching, I feel like I am starting a new chapter in my life and I couldn’t help but feel that the name “Educating Roversi” associated with my teaching career too much. Moving forward, I am unsure of what the future holds but no doubt it will be documentedIMG_2846 on Becka’s Bubble and the linked social media so it was important to have something that fits. My header has been created by my wonderful friend Lucinda Ingleby, who is a fantastic graphic designer and print management consultant so if you’re after some designwork, or some printed merchandise, please contact her. You won’t find a more lovelier or hard working lady. My awesome cartoon profile picture has been created by the talented Melissa from Miley and Emma, she also sells gorgeous accessories so check out her Instagram too.

I write about family life, days out/holidays, topics that I’m passionate about, basically anything within my world so “Becka’s Bubble” seems quite appropriate! Most days, I float around in my own little bubble that I (occasionally!) let others infiltrate! Mainly these two, my son, Lucas Christopher who was born in June 2014 and my daughter, Sienna Lily, born in December 2017.

My hope is that now I have moved away from teaching, I will have a fresh start and time to be more proactive and organised with my blog. If you’ve been a reader/follower since Educating Roversi, thank you and I hope you’ll continue to stay with me during this adventure. If you’re new to me and my blog, hi and welcome! I hope you enjoy what you see and read enough to stick around. You’ll see that I have transferred some of my posts over from Educating Roversi but not all of them, I plan to keep it as it holds memories of Lucas’ baby years.

You can find me over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Please visit, click, comment etc. After all, it’s what blogging is all about!

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