A Letter to Lucas – First Day at School

Dear Lucas,

My first born. My only son. My happy, clever, funny little boy.


Today marks a new chapter in your life. The beginning of fourteen years within the education system. A system that isn’t alien to me after my own schooling and a ten year teaching career. The familiarity of it is both comforting and terrifying.

You are so ready for school. You thrive on learning new things and have adored your time at pre-school, wanting to go more and more. Despite your readiness, I know that five full days at school will be a shock to the system for all of us. Five school runs on a morning, five days picking you up and from two family days with all four of us, we will be down to just Sunday. No more trips and days out on a Monday in term time (daddy’s day off) when everyone else is at school and it’s quiet because YOU will be the one at school. I’ll be honest, it’ll be weird just having Sienna on that day.

Your confidence is regularly commented on and this will be helpful to you within your school life. Be sure to not get too bossy with your confidence, this won’t go down well in school and you’ll probably be put in your place. You have such a sense of justice and fairness. This could work for you or against you. I’m sue you’ll work it out and find your way.

Just know that your Daddy and I are not wanting you to be top of the class. We just wantbeckasbubble
you to try your best and be happy, polite and kind to others. You are so good at looking out for others and making friends, continue with this. Smile at people, share with them, find out about them and this will give you a wide circle of friends. After all, you told me in the holidays you wanted to have more friends than me – ha ha!

As I kiss you goodbye on your first day, I feel both joy and sadness consume me. I’m so proud of the little boy you are and can’t wait to see how you develop and learn, yet at the same time you are no longer my first born baby and I am well aware how fast school years go (not to you, to you they will feel like lifetime). Before we know it we’ll be preparing you for high school and then I will have a meltdown!


I love you so much Lucas and I’m incredibly proud to be your Mummy. Whatever mistakes you make, your Daddy and I are ALWAYS here for you. You can always talk to us and tell us anything. Never be scared. Never be alone. Attack school head on with the same energy and interest you do most things in life and you won’t go far wrong. What am I looking forward to the most? You learning to read so we can start on the Harry Potter books!

I can’t wait to watch you grow.

All my love,




A LetterTo Lucas

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  1. Awww, this is lovely. It is so hard when they first start school. My daughter has just gone into year 9, it doesn’t seem that long ago that she started school.

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