Introducing…David and Donetta

Ey Up & Happy New Year!

Welcome to the next episode of “Introducing…” and the first of 2019! The idea behind it is to encourage other bloggers and share others work so it doesn’t matter how many followers/readers they have or any other stats, it’s just about getting bloggers and vloggers out there a bit more.

I’m super excited and honoured to be hosting this weeks bloggers – yes, there are two! David and Donetta are taking the blogging world by storm. David’s morning lives always entertain and provoke great discussions and they are also support, helpful, lovely people!

Please check out their social media and blog site, if you like what you see – click follow!


Introduce yourself! 
Hi, we’re David and Donetta from the strategically named , we won’t forget our blog name will we! We’re a married couple from Doncaster, Yorkshire that blog, vlog and do all things social media. We have 3 kids, despite people constantly thinking we only have Corben, our 5 year old boy! The girls are 13 and 14 and want NOTHING to do with their cringey AF parents being ‘YouTubers!’ HA! We’re all about sharing our everyday life and thoughts in the hope to inspire, motivate and entertain anyone along the way. OH! We’re also having a BABY in 2019 so expect plenty of pregnancy and baby content 🙂 
What is your favourite blog post or vLog and why?
For me, David it has to be Corben’s First Everton Match. What a moment that was for me as a dad and a MASSIVE Everton fan. Remembering my dad taking me to match and now I’m doing the same with my son, magical moments. I genuinely had tears editing the video and writing the blog post. We even made it onto the Everton website and their official social media accounts PINNED our video to their pages, it was amazing! 
Hi, Donetta here! My favourite video is our What’s On My iPhone OUTTAKES. It was so funny and a video we didn’t mean to make but ended up being hilarious to watch back. 
What is your favourite part of being a blogger/vlogger?
THE PEOPLE! 100% it’s the people and relationships we’ve made through blogging. The fact blogging/vlogging is allowing us to both work from home is obviously a massive win, the work/life balance is almost as good as you get. 

If you could give a new blogger/vlogger one piece of advice, what would it be?
Think about what you’re genuinely passionate about and go ALL IN on doing that. 

Where is your favourite location/attraction for a family day out and why?
Yorkshire Wildlife Park! I mean, they have LIONS! We must have featured YWP about 20 times in our vlogs, praying one day they might want to collaborate with us, we love it so much, it’s an awesome place to visit. We have annual passes too so get to see the animals often and it feels new every time. The work YWP do for animals across the world is admirable too so for that reason alone I don’t begrudge paying our annual pass fee’s every year. 
You get in a lift with a lady pushing a buggy, the baby is newborn and screaming his/her head off, the mum looks frazzled to say the least. What do you say to her? 
Shut that thing up will you, I’m trying to Instagram Story! HA! No, I’d say something like ‘You’re not alone, we’ve been there, keep going, you’re doing a great job’. 

Tell us your favourite WTF (what the f**k?) moment in parenting?
I like that you’ve explained WTF in brackets LOL! Corben used to pronounce FINGERS as THE N WORD! No idea how or why but he did. He was only about 1 and half or 2 ish and we’re on a train to Sheffield. We’re sat there having a little talk and of course he decides he’s going to start letting us know he know’s what his fingers are called… Of course there was a black guy sat right near us, definitely in ear shot. WTF?! We just tried to distract him as best we could and spoke loudly over him! 

What would you say to 14 year old you?
David: This period you’re experiencing right now will make you unbreakable in the future, chin up lad. 
Donetta: Stop being a dick, listen to Angela. (My Mum) 
What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
David: I’m 80% blind in my right eye! 
Donetta: I have a barbed wire tattoo around my belly button… I know :/ 

You can have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?
David: David Beckham, he’s an absolute legend and I’d love to talk dad to dad with him. Lee Evans, he’s hilarious and he’d be great entertainment. Gary Vaynerchuk, he’s a business guru with so many similar thoughts to myself and to pick his brains about business and life would be unforgettable. 
Donetta: Princess Diana, she seemed like a great woman and mother. My nanna, obvious reasons. Robbie Williams because he was in Take That and is awesome! 

Big thanks to David and Donetta for taking part. They are totally right about the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, it’s a favourite place of ours too! The story about Corben really made me chuckle, I had a friend whose little girl said “shitter” instead of “sticker”. Those kind of things make me howl. The only thing is, I think Donetta and I may have words as I can’t let Robbie Williams go to her dinner party, I’d be too jealous! 🙂 I’m so excited about their baby news and can’t wait to read and watch all the pregnancy updates! Just before this post went live, David and Donetta were featured on BritMums: The B list naming 11 inspirational parenting blogs. David and Donetta work so hard at their blog and YouTube channel so it’s lovely to see them being recognised for it.

David and Donetta picked this song as their favourite song as it’s their wedding song (and coincidently, mine and Ric’s too!

Thanks so much for reading and make sure you check out David and Donetta on FacebookTwitter,  Instagram and YouTube as well as their website.

If you would like to be involved in the “Introducing…” series, please contact me via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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