About Becka

About Becka

Welcome to Becka’s Bubble!

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My little piece of the World Wide Web. I’m a mummy to two gorgeous children and one slightly (okay, very) hostile cat. Lucas Christopher is a kind, confident four year old who inconveniently arrived on my 30th birthday. Sienna Lily is a dribbley, shouty but extremely cute one year old. I’m married to the half Yorkshire, half Italian Ric and we live in the quiet village of Wrenthorpe, located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. As well as being a mummy blogger, I’m a social media executive for a company. I create content for businesses social accounts

Lucas and Sienna on a grey leather sofa with a blanket, cuddling and smiling.

Originally, I started blogging back in March 2015 under another name. It was on my first maternity leave from teaching and my brain was numb! I was lost in a world of nappies, breastfeeding, baby groups and sleep deprivation. It developed for three years until I resigned from my teaching post and I created “Becka’s Bubble” to mark the next chapter of my life.

Selfie of Becka in blue hoodie smiling.

Like most Mummy Blogger’s, I use my blog to document our lives…

milestones, days out, reviews and sometimes just a good old moan, because parenting is bloody hard work!

My favourite place to be (in the virtual world) is Instagram. You’ll find daily posts from me as well as frequent InstaStory updates. So you can have a good ol’ nosey at what I’m up to each day. If Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest is your thing, I’m on there too! I would love it if you said hello and expressed your feelings about the blog or one of my posts. You could evengive me some inspiration for posts you’d like to read or tell me about a product you think I’d be interested in, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciated and every comment, like or share. It makes me do a little happy dance.

Becka xxx

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