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Summer 2019 is actually starting to make an appearance, finally! I’m always looking for activities to do with kids in Yorkshire. I’ve heard about York Maze year on year however this was our first ever visit!

It’s an easy drive from the Roversi home in Wakefield, straight down the A64 and took us about 35/40 minutes. (You can also get buses from York if you don’t drive.) There are a handy list of tips on the website which I recommend reading before you visit.

The Giant Maize Maze

Each year the main attraction has a theme. This year is was The Lion King to coincide with the new Live Action Film (I cannot wait to see it – eek!). The design is Rafiki, Mufasa and Pumbaa. The aim is to find your way to six towers. From here you answer each of the six questions and note it on your challenge booklet. The words create a secret word, which you shout out at the end of the maze, and you have the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw.

I was totally a-maize-d (see what I did there?) by the scale of it. I commented to my Mum that I’d love them to do a TV programme on how they create the maze from design to planting etc. It fascinated me! As we had two little children, we chose to buy the Map Card for £1.50. It came with a compass too! Lucas was well into the compass although wasn’t a very good guide. I, however, have found a new career as a navigator! I successfully managed to lead us to Towers 1, 3, 4 and 6. We decided to not visit all six stations as it was HUGE! A one and five year olds legs get tired and we had lots we wanted to see.

We really enjoyed exploring the Lion King maze. The view from the top of the towers, overlooking the maze, were lovely. Both my children are happy if they have space to run about and explore and it certainly has that!

Jurassic Maize

This is new for 2019 and it was the main thing that attracted me to York Maze. Lucas is obsessed with dinosaurs since he learnt about them in reception. This maze is perfect for the younger ones. It’s smaller, simple and the maize isn’t as high, plus it’s filled with dinosaurs! We loved this so much and spent a lot of time letting them run about.

There was a ‘real life’ dinosaur roaming around outside Jurassic Maze. Unfortunately, Lucas wasn’t convinced and I had to have a few strong words. When he kept stating loudly “It’s not real. I can see legs.” I wanted the world to swallow me up!

A Very Physical Day

York Maze is a very physical day with a lot of walking and started at the Corn-struction Zone with climbing, water and sand play. Followed by the Cobstacle Course which is a huge inflatable obstacle course. Genuinely, I never knew that there could be so many corn and maize puns! I took Sienna through one side while Lucas went down the other. We raced…except I was navigating the whole thing with a heavy nearly 19 month old. As we finally emerged the staff joked that they thought they were going to have to send a search party in for us! Ha ha! In the afternoon we took on the Volcorno, Corn Snake Tower Slides, Mineshaft Maze, Popcorn Pillow and House of Even More Cornfusion.

Quite honestly I’m surprised Sienna carried on as long as she did! However, there was a lot to keep her going so a nap was no where on her agenda! The House of Cornfusion was a highlight for Lucas and I. When I initially took him in, he was apprehensive. He wanted to leave but he continued with a bit of encouragement. By the end he was begging to go back in again! The Popcorn Pillow was a highlight for Sienna! To ensure the little ones don’t get trapped by the big ones, they have two queues. They alternate them so that they are separate and everyone is kept safe. MY highlight was seeing Janma rugby tackle Sienna to get her off it when her time was up! Ha ha!

KerNoel’s House Party

This is the new stage show in the new theatre tent. From the moment you walk toward it, you are entertained as the staff interact hilariously with the audience. This means there is no waiting around, trying to keep the kids uncontrol. It’s shaded therefore if it’s warm it’s a great place to get some shade and runs four times a day. Both staff involved in this are brilliant! The show itself is well written and engaging for kids and adults. I appreciated the Noel’s House Party references! Unfortunately I had to take Lucas to the loo half way through so missed some of it. Janma spoke highly of it and it held Sienna’s attention. That says a lot! I really enjoyed it. The ex drama teacher part of me loves a show!


Food and Drink

The Kernel’s Kitchen is an open plan kitchen serving which serves a range of freshly cooked food. A range of burgers, hot dogs, nachos and, of course, Corn on the Cob! The Kernels Kids Boxes offer chicken, burger, sausage or halloumi and come with chips and a drink for £5.50. Everything is made locally and the bread is baked fresh! Not your usual attraction food!

At a place filled with children and their tired, possible sleep deprived parents, a coffee shop is a must! Americano, flat white, cappuccino, mocha, tea or hot chocolate – whatever you need to keep you going throughout the day. Kernel’s Coffee Shop, along with two refreshment stalls, also sell cold drinks to keep you hydrated. Oh, and ice creams which, of course, are a must!

For The Little Ones

A lot of people on my Instagram asked if it was suitable for younger ones. By younger, I think of non-school age – under 3’s. In my opinion, yes it is. There are a few things like the Volcorno and Corn Snake Tower Slides that have height restrictions. I don’t think it really matters. Sienna, nearly 19 months old, had a fab day. She still got to enjoy running around the mazes and bouncing on the Popcorn Pillow. Not forgetting being dragged through the Cobstacle Course by me! There was very little that she couldn’t do.

What We Didn’t Get To Do!

We were there from 11am to 5pm and we STILL didn’t have time to do everything! I was GUTTED that we missed Crowmania. A giant tractor and trailer drives you around while you help the hopeless scarecrows keep the crows at bay. With actors and water fun. it sounded right up my street! I made the decision to avoid Utter Cornage on purpose. We hadn’t read the York Maze tips and didn’t take spare clothes or towels.

Regretfully, we also missed the Finger Fortune Maze, Maze of Illusions, Angry Crowns and Pig Racing (on three times a day but we kept missing it!). All this means is…

…York Maze – We’ll Be Back!

I genuinely can’t wait to return to York Maze. We all had a wonderful day, full of laughter and quality time. Lucas didn’t stop going on about it to his Daddy the next morning. We have to return to show him and experience all the things we missed out on. I’ve already decided on a plan for when we return! We will be there for opening, take a picnic for lunch, eat tea from Kernel’s Kitchen and stay till closing so we can make full use of everything!

If you’re looking for fun activities to do with kids in Yorkshire this summer, York Maze is a fun-filled day out. Definitely one to be CORNsidered! 🙂

We were kindly gifted entry into York Maze in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. York Maze looks fantastic, so much for the kids to do and be entertained. Loved reading your fantastic blog all about it.
    Lisa. Xx

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