Piglets Adventure Farm – Egg-Stravaganza! 

Piglets Adventure Farm – Egg-Stravaganza! 

Easter Monday – be lazy and hang around the house all day thinking about the impending doom of work the next day OR go out for the day, doing something fun and helping you forget about said responsibilities that follow? Given that we had been invited to Piglets Adventure Farm, near York, to review their Easter Egg-Stravaganza, the latter was definitely more appealing!

Piglets had been popping up on my Facebook newsfeed a lot last summer however, with our trip to Australia, we never got chance to visit. Luckily, we had more free time and decent weather in the Easter holidays so it was a perfect opportunity to see what all the fuss was about.

After a short 40 minute drive from our home in Wakefield, we arrived at Piglets with an excited 2 (nearly 3!) year old who immediately spotted a digger and, straight away, his day was made.

Whilst L pretended to dig (we didn’t put any money in, he just pretended) we could watch the most adorable little piglets chasing each other around in a big muddy field. It was so lovely to see them out in the open, running around and playing in the fresh air, unlike most farms where they are in smaller pens.

Once we’d handed over our voucher (thank you Piglets!), one of staff gave us a map and pointed us in the direction of the different features and activities.

Baa the Playbarn (ha ha see what I did there? Baa – sheep – farm 😂) we could pretty much see everything on offer from the entrance making it easy to navigate around. Our son was on the run straight away, his little legs pelting down the hill towards the Kidbine and Tractor.

Mr Roversi got very excited by the Olympigs Obstacle Course and immediately dragged us all over there.

Most of Piglets Adventure Farm is aimed at younger toddlers, making it a great place for my son to get involved in most things. The obstacle course had a few tricky bits that were a little too old for him but it didn’t stop him enjoying himself and I’m sure those older siblings that have come with younger ones particularly enjoyed this section, like my husband – the big kid.

As my husband said, towards the end of our visit,

“It’s a good place to let them have a bit of independence”

With all the play areas and sandpits, you can take a step back and let them explore and play without having to hover over them all the time. By loitering a few metres behind, they can explore the variety of play areas for themselves. L loves sand so he was completely engrossed in the Farmhouse and giant sandpit, doing his favourite things: climbing, sliding, digging, building and wrecking sand castles.

My immediate impression was that there were lots of little activities to do, rather than other places that have big ones that take a lot of time. This meant you could tailor your day to what your kids like and there is no need to rush. Little L was able to spend as long as he liked on the different areas, meaning no tantrums and a relaxed atmosphere.

Our little man has been on bouncing pillows before but he REALLY loved them at Piglets. I think it was because there were two separate ones: for over 5’s and one for under 5’s so he wasn’t battling the older ones knocking him over. Everyone was his age and he giggled away with a little girl, bouncing on his bottom and falling over.

From the bouncing pillows we headed to the first special Easter activity which was an egg hunt! We watched a video where the Mad Hatter told us about the chicken’s around the farm who were hiding their eggs however we had to watch out for the cheeky fox and rabbit who might get in our way! We were given a basket and a sheet and our hunt began!

Little L really loved running ahead and finding the eggs, obviously Mummy and Daddy (plus an anagram solver) had to work out the word at the end but the eggs were planted around the farm too, meaning we could combine seeing the animals with our egg hunt.

I love this picture!

On the finish line, L declared “CHAMPION!” and went in to claim his prize, a malteaser bunny! The ladies running the Easter egg hunt were really lovely, asking the kids lots of questions about their Easter and generally making the whole experience enjoyable and easy.

The egg hunt was followed by Magic Hatter’s Magic show. All the kids watching were giggling and laughing. Little L had his slack look on as usual then decided he was “a little bit scared”. God knows why because he wasn’t scary at all…actually reminded me of Mr Tumble a little but L doesn’t like him much either! Personally, I thought he was really good (from a kids point of view)!

Slack face

I have a couple of favourite moments from the day:

1) The Barrel Train Pick Up

Much like any stereotypical little boy, Little L is obsessed with trains, diggers, trucks, and tractors therefore this little ride made his day. “Make sure you drive it!” My hasband told our son and, of course, he took this very seriously! The little smile on his face he was pulled around and appeared back at the start was a picture. Be aware though, it does go quite a way from the start and therefore the parents which one little one wasn’t so keen on. Although it makes a great game – taking bets on which child in which barrel will come back crying! Ha ha!

2) The Bale Play Baaarn

A new addition to Piglets Adventure Farm incorporating ride on tractors, a wave slide and a drop slide, rope swings swings and a giant corn box.

To get there we travelled by tractor, a short journey past some pigs. There is a heated seating area where there is a coffee shop and ‘Piggy Pizza Parlour’. We sample a couple of pizzas for lunch and they were really tasty and homemade in pizza ovens.

Margarita and Three Cheese Pizzas

Little L was in his element in here: fueling up tractors, sliding, climbing up hay and digging in the corn.

My husband and I looked at the Rope Swings but I think we both thought L was too young, but then I thought “Let’s try him”

The picture may be blurry but you can see the utter delight on his face! I was impressed by his bravery! In all honesty, I thought he’d let go and fall into the hay below but he didn’t!

Obviously, with the sand, hay, mud and corn, I wouldn’t recommend your children wear their best clothes! Piglets is a place to let your little piglets get mucky and enjoy it!

We really enjoyed our day at Piglet’s Adventure Farm. It’s a place where you can spend a couple of hours or all day however at £9/10 per person, I would say spend as much time as you can because it makes it more worthwhile. Under 1’s are free and it’s slightly cheaper if you book online. They also do family annual passes which, if you live nearer would probably be a great idea!

We will definitely be returning to Piglets Adventure Farm, probably for some summer fun, as we had a lovely day out. Next time, we’d be tempted to take a picnic as the food outlets are limited but there are lots of nice places to sit and eat. I can imagine that there is a lot planned for Piglet’s to expand, as they seem to have a lot of land, and I look forward to seeing how it develops.

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This post is in collaboration with Piglet’s Adventure Farm however all opinions are my own. 

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