ToucanBox – “Unleashing your creativity, one box at a time.”

The ToucanBox is a monthly subscription to encourage crafting, creativity and learning for children aged 3-8 years old. Inside each ToucanBox is a magazine packed with STEAM inspired activities including puzzles, games, experiences, recipes and lots more. There are also two craft projects including all inspiration, material and easy to follow instructions.

Why ToucanBox?

Convenient – everything you need is in the box, personally addressed to your child and delivered to your door. 

Educational – Each ToucanBox is created by educational experts and inspired by Montessori learning. The aim is the develop key skills our children need. 

Fun – Enjoy the quality time with your child while you have fun using your imagination and creativity.


Lucas and ToucanBox 

I actually first heard of ToucanBox when my friend Shell showed her daughter’s box on her stories. I’d thought about ordering one for a while, especially as I began to run out of ideas for lockdown activities. The advert was on TV a lot! Lucas mentioned he’s like one so I got my bum in gear and got it sorted. I’ve ordered three months which covers June/July/August, perfect for entertaining in the summer holidays! 

For the first box you receive you can pick the activities. They’re all marked with what age they’re appropriate for so it makes the whole thing very easy! I chose a Planets Poster and a Dreamcatcher. The boxes arrive personalised with your child’s name and when you’re six getting post is super exciting! 

The Planets Poster was a huge success! Lucas needed a little help with the instructions, not because it can’t read it, because he’s lazy. He would rather make it up. A little like his Dad with Ikea furniture! Ha ha! I love that they have everything you need in the pack. It also has enough so you don’t have to worry about running out. I think I enjoyed this activity as much as Lucas! The end result was so lovely it’s now proudly up in the playroom! 

Planets Poster

The dreamcatcher wasn’t as successful but this was no fault of ToucanBox. It was Lucas who, as I mentioned previously, didn’t read the instructions properly. He got heavy handed and managed to snap the wooden ring whilst threading the string through *face palm*. 

We’ve just received the July ToucanBox! This one included a Tie Dye Butterfly which is fab! Everyone is going mad for tie-dye at the moment! The other activity is a Nature Bag which he couldn’t wait to do. Lucas only needed a slight bit of guidance with this. The result was something he was really excited to use. He loves going for walks and their Dad usually takes them on adventures. The bag has bingo cards to spot nature and collect leaves and other bits in the bag. Very cute! 

The Verdict

I’m really impressed with the ToucanBox. If your child likes being crafty but you get a bit twitchy about it all. This is the subscription box for you! I like the idea of crafting but I never have all the right stuff. I’m not a fan of mess but none of the activities are overly messy. Plus, everything you need is included. The boxes are £8.95 a month plus £2.95 delivery. You can get a discount if you buy a three, six or twelve-month subscription. It’s very reasonably priced for what you get. Plus it occupies your child and gives you some quality time with them which is priceless. 


I really love the fact that you can get gift cards on their website. It is a fantastic idea for children’s birthday/Christmas presents. I would much rather one of Lucas’ grandparents or Aunties bought him a subscription for ToucanBox than another plastic, annoying toy! They also do Craft Boxes and Toys on the website with themed craft boxes from £12. They’ve recently been doing an offer on two boxes for £20 for over the summer. Such a great idea for keeping the kids entertained!

If you’re interested in the ToucanBox, I have an affiliate link. It means that this single mum gets a few pennies when you sign up through the link. It’s at no extra cost to you. Thank you if you do use it and be sure to tag me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’d love to see your creations.

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