2019 goals revisited

2019 Goals Revisted – How Did I Do?

New Year’s Eve is all about reflection and looking forward, isn’t it? As I said when I wrote my 2019 Goals post, I don’t like New Years Resolutions but I do like goals. I like fresh starts. A new year is literally a whole fresh book for me and I can’t wait to fill it with lots of lovely stuff. I also like to start it with good intentions, hence where the goals come from. 

2019 goals revisited

2019 Goals Revisited – I set four for this year. They were all completely relevant to where I was at the beginning of the year and I’m pleased to say that for the majority, I haven’t really tried too hard but they have mostly been achieved and I’m proud of that. 

Get More Technical...

I meant to learn more about the “back end” of blogging. I wanted to learn more about how Instagram works (if that’s even possible!). Oh, and Pinterest was on my list of mastery.

Well, I’ve done some of that. I’ve learned a lot more about Search Engine Optimisation. It was a necessity but that’s for later on in the post. I’ve also learned a little more about Instagram and found my own way there. I love the community and the friends I’ve made through it. I sometimes feel like they’re the only ones who truly get the blogging thing so it’s nice to have someone to chat with about it. Pinterest is still a complete mystery to me. I know I can use it to drive traffic to my site but how is over my head. I learned that I could edit a video on iMovie but I also learned that I didn’t really have the time to think about YouTube so I’m sticking to Instagram for now! 


Continue To Be Consistent

Since starting Becka’s Bubble in September 2018 I had consistently been posting on my blog at least once a week. I wanted that to continue but then something happened (again, later in the post) which meant I didn’t have as much time to give to it as I’d like. Whilst I was posting mostly daily on Instagram, my blog posts slowed slightly to maybe a couple a month. Then, with the arrival of my Bloggers Bible from StationeryGeek, I found motivation again. Unfortunately, life got in the way a few months after that. My mum was in the hospital and I didn’t feel like writing. 

So have I achieved this goal? Mostly, yes. It’s a goal I’d like to keep in mind for 2020 but maybe a little more realistically. 

Get To Goal Weight…And Maintain It!

This is the goal that I didn’t achieve. Within 2019 I lost and gained the same stone but there are a few things I learned along the way. 

  1. WW is definitely the best plan for me. I don’t feel like anything is off-limits. It feels like a normal, balanced way of eating. 
  2. I have an issue with bingeing that I need to take control of. I’m not sure how. One indulgent meal can see me on a mission of self-destruction. 
  3. I need a plan. Without it I’m lazy and I don’t cook. Following WW with a range of foods, meal planning, and regular food shopping makes me successful. 
  4. I live in fear of my willpower going. When it’s there, it’s awesome. When it’s not I eat everything in sight. 

2020 is the year of at least one aboard holiday, possibly two. It’s the year my best friend gets married and I’m a bridesmaid. Those two things alone are my motivation to get rid of the two stones I’ve been carrying around for years. I don’t want to embrace the body I have. I don’t like it. It doesn’t make me happy. I know if I eat shit I will put on weight and fast. I feel so much better when I am lighter and eating well. The journey to get there is a bumpy one though.

So this will be a goal for 2020, hopefully, it’s the year I make it. 

WW Plan

Find A Job

This is my favourite one because I smashed it! Rather randomly, some would say fate, some ladies who worked for a digital marketing company regularly visit the family restaurant. My husband gets chatting to them, tells them about my love of blogging and all things social media then •poof* a few weeks later I have a part-time job! I’ve been there a year in February and I love it. This job genuinely gave me Becka back. I feel like me again and I feel like I’m a better Mum on my non-work days because of it. Not only do I enjoy the work I do, but my boss is amazing. So flexible and understanding of my family life, meaning that if I have to get the kids from school instead of Ric, I just start earlier. 


In under a year, my role has progressed from Social Media Executive, creating content for businesses for the social pages and scheduling it to blogging for businesses and doing SEO for their sites. So this goal has helped with the first of getting more technical too! 

A Decade

In 2009 I met my now-husband. I was a teacher and began working at the school I was at for the longest. I was a little lighter than I am now, but that was due to a stupid shakes diet that I did over the summer. In the last ten years, I’ve got engaged, got married, lost weight, gained weight, had a child, started a blog, had another child, resigned from teaching and began a new career path. I’ve lost family members, I’ve lost friends. I’ve gain family and I’ve gained friends. It’s been a rollercoaster with some really difficult times and some amazingly happy times. 

christmas becka

As I go forward to 2020, I feel mostly positive about what’s before me. I’m a firm believer that you can never know exactly what’s going to happen. The last decade has taught me that much but I have my little family, I have my mum, siblings, extended family, my best friends, and some pretty fabulous other friends. I have a house I love and two kids who drive me crackers and make me laugh all in one day. I’m pretty lucky. 

Lucas and Sienna

If you’d like to see more of my daily life, please head over to my social media pages and follow me there. My favourite place to be is Instagram! Thank you for clicking the link to this post. Thanks for following me and supporting me with this little hobby that makes me happy. It takes moments to like a picture or leave a little comment but it really means the world to me.

Happy New Year…2020 goals to follow…when I think of them!

2020 goals

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