2020 review

2020 Review – Well that was unexpected!

It’s almost laughable to do a 2020 review, isn’t it? Who knew when I was writing them, at the end of 2019, a global pandemic would hit?! Covid 19 pretty much put a stop to any plans we all had. With that, any goals for 2020 were pretty much null and void. So I’ve decided that instead of two posts: reviewing the year and goals for the new year. I’d combine it all into one. 

Personally Postive

I said on my New Years’ Eve Instagram post that despite it being a pretty shocking year, it was mostly a positive one for me. As much as I didn’t achieve all the goals I set out, the most prominent part of my 2020 review has to be the huge decision Ric and I made to end our marriage was pivotal.

2020 review

It was the moment I felt the pressure lift and I actually relaxed. I cried. The ending of a marriage is sad even when you 100% know it’s the right thing. I cried for the kids. The guilt was horrible. Guilty that we were destroying everything they knew and splitting their family in two. I was worried about how they would both deal with it. I needn’t be worried. They are every bit resilient that everyone told me and, as much as my heart broke when we told Lucas, the months that followed went mostly smoothly. Of course, there were bumps in the road while we figured things out.


Now I can safely say that Ric and I co-parent well and we both have the kids at the forefront of everything. I don’t think either of us suspected that 2020 was the year we would enter into singledom again and yet here we are!

The Single Life

Single Becka hasn’t had a huge chance to be single given the pandemic. When it comes to my love life from January to December all i can say is I’ve followed my heart and I have no regrets. I don’t know what 2021 will have in store for me but I suppose it’s a little exciting. One thing I do know is that you live and learn. The past few years have told me exactly what I want from my love life, from a future partner, and I refuse to lower those expectations. What’s the point? Why make such a life changing decision like ending a marriage to end up unhappy in another relationship?! 


As we step tentatively into 2021, I plan to start the year by staying motivated and focusing on me. Like most people, the pandemic has had an impact on my waistline and I want to do something about that. I vowed to have more control over my money in 2020 and I definitely did that! Now I want to try and be more money conscious. Stop the pointless spending, build up some savings for emergencies, keep saving for a new laptop and fun things for the kids and as a family. 

2020 review

Finally, I’d like to start blogging more regularly. I love my Instagram account. I post stories daily and grid posts most days but finding the motivation/inspiration to write blog posts…well that passes me by these days. It’s a shame because it’s where my blogging began. Some people don’t get it but I really love sharing my little life with people and I love interacting with people who follow me. I’ve made some great friends through Instagram who have become more than just online buddies. I love having an account to look back on and see all the little milestones of my life and children that I might sometimes forget. At the end of 2020 my followers stand at 5, 210 across Facebook and Instagram which is amazing! Thank you. 

Let’s be honest, the 2020 review isn’t as in-depth as usual but how can it be?! 2020, you’ve been one of a kind! 2021 is the year of hope. For so many reasons. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. 

Love Becka xxx

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