Activities for Year 1

Lockdown Activities for Year 1

Social media is awash with ideas for keeping the little ones entertained during the Coronavirus lockdown. The more ideas the better in my opinion! 

In my blog post “Lockdown Lessons” I said that planning a few tasks a day helped me. Therefore, I thought I’d share some of the more popular activities for Year 1 I’ve had Lucas doing over the last fortnight…

Biology – What Am I Made Of?

I’ve had a big roll of plain paper that I bought from Wilkos many moons ago that we’ve not used. I laid it out on the floor and drew around Lucas. He then used one of his Usborne books to draw his muscles, organs and bones. As a stereotypical nearly six year old with an obsession with his penis, I did have to state that he DIDN”T need to draw his willy – ha ha! Lucas has always had an interest in his body so this was great for capturing his attention. We developed the activity by getting him to label everything he had drawn. 

Activities for Year 1

Creative – Make a Vehicle 

Lucas regularly comes out of school with a “model”. It sits in the utility room for a few weeks. When he’s forgotten about it, it is committed to a recycling bin grave. I know this is something he loves to do, despite me hating it hanging around my house. With this in mind, I saved all my recycling. (There were a few boxes because I can’t stop ordering things online in lockdown.) His task was to create a vehicle but that was inspired by having a big box he could sit in. He spent a good hour making a “Ghostbusters Mobile” and then another hour after it, playing in it. Sienna had a “motorbike” which was a little box that she happily sat in! 

Activities for Year 1

We still have lots of recycling left and Lucas has already asked to make a robot. I’m not a fan of glue and mess. However, it keeps him entertained and happy so the mess doesn’t matter so much. 

Academic – Spellings/Diary

Lucas doesn’t mind doing a bit of writing now and then but it’s not his favourite. He loves going to his dad’s. He loves Sonic and Mario. I keep getting him to write diary stuff about his days at his Dad’s. Alternatively, write a story about his favourite characters. You can develop this by asking them to draw a picture to go with it. It’s simple but effective. 

Lucas does a spelling test every friday at school and we practice them at home every morning. This is something we have continued with during our homeschooling as it keeps a familiar activity for him. There are so many resources online! I just look for a Year 1 word list and pick ten for him to practice. 

Creative – Getting our paint on

During uncertain times, I think it’s so lovely to bring smiles to peoples faces where possible. I’ve always said that academics don’t matter to me. I just want my kids to do their best and more importantly, be kind. 

One of the first ideas I saw on Facebook was painting and colouring rainbows to put in windows. It’s nice for people to spot as they go on their daily walks for exercise. It took a while to take off in our village. The kids and I did our rainbow on the first day of lockdown. Seeing a lady smile as she saw it, take a picture was lovely. Her eyes lit up as Lucas and Sienna waved frantically from the window was a really special moment. Following this, she put a message on an app called Next Door which is a local community app. It was really heartwarming. 

Activities for Year 1

Continuing with the theme, we’ve been painting rocks and wrote nice messages on them. We hide them on our walks for people to find. 

Academic – Letters and Posting

I was inspired by my lovely bestie Stefanie who posted a handmade card through our door.

“Can’t wait for a playdate”.

It made our day! We made some pictures and a little note for them. Then, on our daily walk to swing by her house and post them back. We are also going to write letters to family members that don’t live nearby and post them in the letterbox. I might get Lucas to watch something on the journey of a letter too. I’m sure there will be something on YouTube. 

I have to say that, in the current situation, I think our little ones need a big “Well done”. On the whole, Lucas and Sienna are doing really well. Lucas is the type of child that wakes up and says “Where are we going today?”. I actually think it’s doing him good to stay in a bit. We are making the most of our lovely home and the millions of toys he has. I read something somewhere that said that the memories the kids will have of this are their parents being home more. It’s totally true and I’m hoping that I can help make some great memories for Lucas and Sienna. 

Activities for Year 1

Please share any great activities for Year 1 or other years, you have been doing with your children. I’m always looking for more inspiration, especially if the kids don’t end up going back to school until September. 

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