Beauty Pie Review

Beauty Pie Review

When I became single, I realised that I wasn’t going to get a “big” present at Christmas or for my birthday so decided to treat myself to a monthly subscription as a treat. My membership for Beauty Pie was born after a few of the people on my Instagram were showing off their “Pie Day”. I figured I’d try it out for a few months and see what I thought. Six months on and there is no going back! So without further ado, here is my Beauty Pie review! (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!)

Beauty Pie Logo

Beauty Pie is different to other subscriptions as you subscribe to get discounts as opposed to getting products. So like other boxes, you pay so much a month and get sent a monthly package of surprises. With Beauty Pie, you pay between £5 and £20 a month and this gives you access to their products which are heavily discounted. You get a spending limit per month and you don’t spend it, it rolls over to the next month. 

Since sharing my Beauty Pie boxes on Instagram, I’ve been asked about the products so I thought I’d do a little beauty Pie review of my favourites. However, I do have to say, I haven’t been disappointed with anything yet! 

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Skincare Three Step Kit

When it comes to “cleanse, tone and moisturise” I’ve always done the latter but never the first two. Occasionally I’d buy some cleansing lotion and toner on offer but it wasn’t a regular thing. The only thing I did religiously was take my makeup off every evening. Then Japanfusion entered my life! 

Beauty Pie Review - Japanfusion

I was recommended as a starting point for my Beauty Pie buys by a buddy on Instagram. The Pure Transforming Cleanser is like nothing I’ve ever used before. It’s got a gel-like feel to it. You massage it into your face to remove makeup then add a little warm water to make it a milky texture before rinsing. I like to use a warm flannel and dab my skin. It leaves my skin glowing and super soft to touch. Step two is the Hydra Prep Lotion. It’s really light and smells lovely. It leaves me skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Finally we have the urban Air Purifying Day Moisturiser. Apparently it has “thermus thermophillus permits”. I don’t claim to know what that is but it’s deeply moisturising without feeling heavy on my skin and I love it! 

Since finding the Japanfusion range, I will never go back. I really notice a difference in my skin since using them. 

Everyday Great Skin Foundation – RRP £30 Beauty Pie Members (BPM) £7.32

I know some people find a foundation and stick to it but I’ve been on the quest for a foundation that I actually like for ages. The Beauty Pie Everyday Great Skin has a massive range of colours. With online buying, it’s sometimes hard to know what shade but you can enter what shade you usually use in other brands and it gives you the best match. How clever is that? 

Beauty Pie Review - Foundation

It’s really light and I love the coverage. It doesn’t feel heavy or claggy and it’s the perfect shade for me. I got Fair 100 (ivory) for those interested. I prefer a more matte look with a bit of shimmer from a highlighter. This is probably a little dewy but as I usually put a powder over the top, it doesn’t matter. 

Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder – RRP £26 BPM £7

Which nicely brings me onto this amazing product! I just LOVE it. Like I said above, I prefer a matte look and the one powder wonder is just that. I’m no beauty blogger so I just apply my makeup as I like! I apply my foundation, concealer and blusher and then dab this over my face. The finish is perfect for me. With the help of the setting spray, it lasts all day and it mutes my blush (which I always get a bit liberal with!) to a natural pink on my cheeks. 

One Powder Wonder - beauty Pie

Pro-Glow Superstrobing Drops in Astrosurf – RRP £28 BPM £7.32

Beauty Pie Review - Hightlighter

The Pro-Glow drops were one of the first things I put in my shopping basket. They just looked lovely and luxurious. I’d had a powder highlighter from another brand before but struggled to get the right effect, it was too white. I liked the bronze tones of this one and it didn’t disappoint. It’s a lovely highlighter that you can build up depending on how much you want to glow. I like a more subtle look usually but add a little extra when I’m going out out. 

Super Cheek Cream Blush in Bare Blush RRP £25 BPM £7.97

Blush Super Cheek

“Super cheek, super cheek!” (sang to the tune of Super Freak) is a fairly new product to the Beauty Pie range. This is another thing I love about BP, it’s always updating and adding new products. I love a girlie pink blush and this shade is perfect for that. It’s a lovely smooth texture that doesn’t feel greasy. I just apply with my fingertip and dab it on the apple of my cheeks and a little up my cheekbone. 

The above are my favourites but I also own:
  • Uber Curl Drama Mascara
  • Fresh Glow Setting Spray
  • Ultra Colour Pro Gel Eyeliner in Turkish Coffee and Molton Bronze 

I can’t fault any of the above either but if I write about everything my Beauty Pie review will become a Beauty Pie essay! I’ve got my eye on the new Triple Beauty Luminizing Highlighter wand for my next shop and I’d like to try some of their fragrances as they have good reviews too. 

Luminizing Highlighter

Most of the products are the same price as branded make up in Boots or Superdrug but they are so much more luxurious. I can really feel the high quality of every product I have. I wondered if I might just do Beauty Pie for a few months. However, I only pay £10 a month and it’s worth that for all the amazing products I’ve got so far. I’m excited to try more! There will probably be a Beauty Pie review 2 then!

You can see my Beauty Pie “Pie Day’s” on Instagram/Facebook as well as daily life in my Bubble. Give me a follow and say hi 🙂

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