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Lockdown Lessons

It’s Saturday 4th April and we should be starting the Easter Holidays today. We should be looking forward to two weeks of fun. A surprise trip to Disney On Ice on Easter Sunday included. Instead, we are two weeks into lockdown because of Covid 19. 

The kids have already been home from school for two weeks due to the outbreak of Covid 19. We are not sure when they will return. The media is filled with information, not all of it always good or even factual. I’ve been wanting to write but wasn’t sure what to put down. I thought I’d start with what I’ve learnt in two weeks of lockdown…

A bit of planning goes a long way…

Within these unusual conditions, everyone has to deal with it the best they can and do what works for them. I’m a planner. I like to “be prepared” (guess the Disney film song) as it keeps my worrying at bay. Each evening, I write down a few activities that we can do. I bought lots of little bits and pieces from The Works and other such places. Mainly to keep Lucas entertained but Sienna sometimes too. Obviously I don’t want to use them all in one go. I plan an English, maths and creative task a day. These things, plus a workout with Joe Wicks and a walk around the village fills our day nicely. 

Covid 19

It’s worth saying that whilst I plan these activities, how and when we do them totally depends on the kids. If they are happily playing independently, I’m not going to drag them away from that. I plan but I’m flexible with what I plan

There is never the right time but in this case, there was….

Some of you who follow me on Instagram will know that my husband and I separated at the beginning of February. There is never a good time for these things to happen. It was a month from his birthday and half-term was upon us etc. It turns out that in the current situation of Covid 19, it was the best time. We have agreed that if we had been in the same house during lockdown for months, we would have most likely separated afterwards. Whilst ending a marriage is very easy, I’m grateful that it’s been mutual. We are able to be okay with each other for the sake of the kids. The pressure of lockdown and Covid 19 could have made it a lot worse.

Two homes for the kids…

The guidelines from the government say that if parents are separated the children are allowed to go between these two homes. For us, this is a godsend. Usually, their dad works a lot. A positive of this whole thing is that they get to spend more time with him. We have split the week in half – three and a half days each. Four nights with me and three with him. It’s what keeps us all going. Both parents can see the kids. Both parents get some respite from the kids. The kids get a change of scenery which I think keeps them going and helps them deal with it better. 

Covid 19

Find the positive…

I don’t see myself as a negative person however, in such unusual conditions, it’s difficult to remain positive all the time. I had to find positive aspects of the situation. Not having a social life means I have no excuse not to get fit or eat well. If I’m home I’m very good at sticking to meal plans. I stay busy enough to not want to eat everything in sight. In the first two weeks, I’ve lost 6.5lb!

Shockingly, I started to enjoy doing a little bit of exercise either at home too which has been fun. We’ve been going out for our hour’s walk too. Lucas is getting so much more confident on his bike. If I’m honest, I’ve had a couple of days where I felt the craving for rubbish food. I haven’t got annoyed with myself. I allowed it. Today I’m aiming to get back to plan because that’s my WW weigh-in day. 

Covid 19

In my opinion, the two massive positives of lockdown are being able to focus on being healthy and extra time with Lucas and Sienna. Their bond is developing at a crazy rate from being together 24/7…and they only want to kill each other every now and then! Ha Ha! 

Appreciation for what we have…

We don’t HAVE TO go out and spend lots of money to have a good time together. My kids tend to hate staying in. We’ve always felt the need to get out of the house and do stuff. Now we can’t, we’re finding things to do in the house. Referring back to point one, a little bit of planning can make a really fun day! It’s quality one to one time with them….or two to one if you like. 

I can now appreciate that we have a lovely, spacious home. Toys and resources to provide lots of fun. A loving family. At the end of the day, the kids just love attention and praise from their parents. They are getting plenty of that at the moment It’s what they will remember. I’m also appreciating all the key workers, who are risking their lives battling Covid 19. They are working tirelessly to ensure that people are looked after, fed and waters, protected etc. If any of you are, by any chance, reading this…thank you. It means the world. 

So there we go, five things I’ve learnt during Covid 19. I’m sure there is more to come and I might write some more blog posts as time goes on. Would you be interested in some of the activities we’ve done at home? Or toys that are most popular with Lucas and Sienna? Let me know! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Stay home, save lives and stay safe.

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  1. What a great read Becka. It was fab and so true that you don’t need to go out to have fun. I’m glad you have a good balance hun. Well done to you for keeping everything going. xx

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