Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

Ey Up! It’s Becka, it’s been a while since I wrote a letter to Santa. You see, my brother cruelly put the crazy idea that you’re not real in my head. After that, I stopped writing you letters. I’m sure you didn’t notice, I mean, you’re a busy man. Anyways, age 34, I believe. I’m one of your faithful elves; making sure children of the world…my children…are receiving their presents. Thank goodness you have us parents as well as grandparents, aunties and uncles, helping out! It must be tough trying to get around everyone with even a couple of presents each.

I like to think I’ve been pretty good this year. The kids are still alive, fed, watered, clothed and happy. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for that. This has been our first year as parents to two. It took some getting used to but I don’t think we’re doing too badly. Obviously there’s been the odd “bump in the road”. We’re working through them and I’m feeling hopeful for the future.

I try and spread a little kindness here and there. I try to let my family and friends know I care and support them as best I can. It’s difficult juggling parenting, wife-ing, a home, friendships etc but we’re getting there. As you probably know (because you know everything), Lucas started school this year. So far, Ric and I have managed to successfully get him to school on time. He’s not missed a day yet…not that he’d want to. He loves it! I’m proud that he has been Star of the Week (after lying about it first but don’t judge him for it, it was totally innocent. Find out more on my Instagram).

I hope you won’t think too badly of me after my night out with the Mums in the summer? Free vodka was introduced! It’s not often us mummy’s get to go out together so we went a bit wild. I didn’t plan to stay in bed till midday throwing up.  To counteract it, I’ve been spread word of Stem Cell Donors. My best friends little boy suddenly needed a Bone Marrow Transplant and I wanted to help. I’m sure I can be forgiven for the latter!

So what would I like for Christmas this year?

I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time just being “Becka” this year. This is something I’m grateful for and I’d like to continue into 2019. It would be nice if some of that time could be me being Becka but with Ric too…we don’t get a lot of time together as a couple and that’s took it’s toll this year.  I’d also love for the perfect job to come available for me in 2019. Since leaving teaching I’ve felt like I’ve lost a bit of my identity (blogging helps with this). I’d love a job I’m passionate about and enjoy. That would be awesome…and yet I don’t even know what I want to do!

I’m sure you have your celebrity contacts, so if you could wrap up Robbie Williams and pop him under the Christmas tree? I would be forever grateful if you fulfilled this wish. This will mean less time with Ric, but my husband fully understands my love for Mr Williams. I know that if he met me, he’d fall in love with me too. If this is not possible, anything Disney, stationery related, or vouchers so I can treat myself would be very much appreciated.


…as cheesy as it is, all I really want for Christmas is two happy and healthy children, a husband that tidies up after himself and my family and friends around me.

Anyways, good luck for Christmas Eve. The Roversi’s will be sure to leave you a drink and some snacks to keep you going on your journey. I’m sure your favourite place to visit, in the entire world, is Yorkshire. It’s dead lovely isn’t it? Send my love to Mrs Claus and we’ll be sure to look after Artie and Elsie while they’re with us.

Kind Regards,

Becka Roversi – Aged 34

Tired Mum ofTwo, Wife to one and Robbie Williams obsessive.

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