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Living in Wakefield, I’d heard of Diggerland. However, I didn’t realise it was only a 15 minute drive away! The last time I looked into it Lucas was just a toddler so I decided to wait till he was older. Jump forward a couple of years and we were invited by Diggerland to visit the Yorkshire park and write this very post!

Diggerland Logo
Lucas with Diggerland Yorkshire mascot

Height Restrictions

After booking the first thing I did was get the tape measure out! I didn’t want to go and have a disappointed little boy because he couldn’t go on any of the rides. It would be upsetting for him…and it wouldn’t make for a very good blog post either! I documented it on my Instagram (as I do with most of my days!). I got tons of messages asking what age it was suitable for so here’s the link to the ride/height chart. In my opinion, if you’re child is under 90cm, I would wait until they are at least 90cm. My reasoning is that my son would not have understood why he couldn’t go on the other rides. It would have seemed cruel to show him them and then not let him go on. He’s currently 4 (5 in June) and about 104cm tall. There was only two rides he couldn’t go on and the rest he could enjoy alone or with a parent. The ones he wasn’t able to go on, I don’t think he even saw! We let him take control of the day so he decided what he went on, when and with whom.

Diggerland Yorkshire Height Restriction chart
Diggerland Yorkshire map

The Site

The site itself is really well laid out in a simply loop with rides around the outside and the middle. It’s all very flat with a tarmac path so it’s not muddy. It’s good for anything with wheels: buggies, wheelchairs, motorised scooters etc. Despite being all about diggers, digging and muck, it’s really clean, today and well maintained. We took a picnic for the day. The indoor play area has picnic benches and tables/chairs for you to eat at. Alternatively, you can visit the food outlet that sells the usual burgers, jacket potatoes, sandwiches and wraps, chips etc. The soft play is great!I assume it would be a good place to hide if it rained while you were there. We were lucky and had glorious sunshine the day we visited. However, after a few Spring like days, we didn’t realise how chilly it was! So you’ll see Lucas sporting a Diggerland Yorkshire fleece (three sizes too big) in most photos. We had to buy him one to stay warm and there was only 7-8 years available! Ha ha!

Lucas peeking out of a pink playhouse with a purple roof and white shutters
Sienna playing in the soft play at Diggerland Yorkshire

The play area was one place Sienna could enjoy and she really did. There is a decent sized area with lots of Little Tykes cars, Wendy houses and those chunky plastic climbing frame/slides. She absolutely loved it and would have stayed in there all day if we had let her. It was enough to make her sleepy and she napped for two hours in the buggy!

Sienna sleeping in her Oyster buggy
Lucas eating a picnic in the soft play at Diggerland Yorkshire

The Rides!

Now onto the important bit – the rides! There is a such a lovely range of rides for all ages to enjoy (as long as they’re tall enough!). Low thrill, skill based and those not for the faint hearted like Spindizzy! Honestly, my son has no fear! Any ride he is allowed on he happily goes on, so brave! He went on with his Daddy and came off with a huge smile on his face!

“That was so scary!”.

A group of grown men got off the ride before us. I assume they were on some kind of corporate event. They were raving about it with a surprised tone to their voice. I think they thought it was just for kids but it really isn’t.

Spin Dizzy at Diggerland Yorkshire

With Sienna not being old enough to go on anything, Ric and I went on the rides with Lucas. He picked a parent and decided on his height fearing Mummy to join him on the Sky Shuttle. Genuinely, I underestimated how high it goes…50 feet in the air! Lucas said I could hold his hand then quickly changed his mind as we rose higher and higher! I spent the time in the air quickly taking a couple of pictures. I did look down because I really do hate heights but didn’t want to show it to Lucas.

50 foot high above digger land yorkshire
Mummy and Lucas selfie, both looking scared

We all really enjoyed the little skill based diggers – skittles, dippy ducks and buried treasure. I actually became quite obsessed with finding the two bricks in the muck….I believe I was quite good at it! When I got off, I firmly believed I’d missed my calling as a digger operator! The concentration on Ric and Lucas’ face as they carefully knocked all the skittles down was hilarious. Dippy Ducks was last, considering we’d done one each, Ric took it on and his competitive nature took hold…I don’t think that Lucas got a look in on that one.

Hook a Duck at Diggerland Yorkshire
Bowling with a digger at Diggerland Yorkshire
Hidden Treasure at Diggerland Yorkshire

Roversi Favourites

I think my favourite was the Giant Diggers! We had got the hang of the controls so Lucas was able to help. I instructed him and it was just chucking dirt about. We decided to fill a huge hole someone else had created. It was lovely to hear Lucas laughing as we made the scoop go high then drop the dirt out. When we asked Lucas he said he loved everything! It was nice that he was old enough to go on the Go Karts alone. It was the first time he’s been able to drive something himself and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was amused when he ended up on the grass a couple of times. I told Ric that when he learns to drive he can learn in his car!

Go Kart Diggerland Yorkshire
Look at his proud little face….and over sized fleece! LOL


I really must commend Diggerland Yorkshire on their staff. Ric and I commented several times during our visit on how friendly and attentive they are. On every ride they interacted, chatting with Lucas, explained the controls clearly and wished us a good day. They were all really lovely and things like that definitely have an impact on your day.

Diggerland Yorkshire
Diggerland ride


At £23.95 per person over the height of 90cm, it’s quite a lot of money. Especially for a day out for a stereotypical family of four like we are. You can spend an entire day there. There is no limit to the amount of times you go on the rides and everyone can enjoy them. Despite it being costly, you really can make the most of your money. If you take a picnic, it’s not costing you anything outside of the admission fee. The dodgems and a couple of other rides are coin operated but you can avoid them if you want to. I look forward to visiting again when Sienna is old enough to go on everything.

Many thanks to Diggerland Yorkshire for inviting us. We had a really lovely family day out and made lots of memories. Lucas came home and immediately documented his day with a picture of a digger in his Home Learning Journey! I think this says a lot!

Dig A Round ride.

Have you visited Diggerland Yorkshire? Or any of the other Diggerland’s across the country? Are you thinking of visiting and have questions? Ask away! Comment below or find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – don’t forget to clock like/follow! 🙂 Read more of our Yorkshire Days out here: Thackray Medical Museum and Go Ape Temple Newsam.

Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tickets in return for this post however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks like a fab day out! It is definitely on my to-do list when we visit. Although I’ll need to measure the girls because having kids who’re too small to go on rides is a nightmare! That happened to us in Thomasland!

  2. There’s a Diggerland in Kent too, which is not very far from where we live, so we’ve been thinking of going there. I’m a little bit unsure how it’ll work for our son who’s autistic and has developmental differences, but I think it could be worth a try. Looks like a lot of fun to me! x #KCACOLS

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