Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

If you’re a follower of my Instagram account, you’ll probably know that this Yorkshire lass went to Dublin, Ireland. Now, if I was to write a post on everything we got up to, it would be a ridiculously long. With this in mind, I’ve decided to focus on my five highlights on my first ever trip to Ireland.

Kilmainham Gaol

Readers of Becka’s Bubble probably don’t know that I have an interest in prisons. I put it down to growing up next to Wakefield Prison, a category A prison. For eight euros, you can have an hours tour around the Dublin prison that closed in 1927. Our tour guide, Kim, was great. Interesting, clear and the pace of the tour was perfect for exploring and learning. My sister told me about it, saying she’d be jealous if we got to go. Claire was disappointed that it had been fully booked. If you go want to visit Kilmainham Gaol, make sure you book online, in advance, so you’re not disappointed.

Looking through the peep hole into an empty cell
Stairs at the Gaol
Cell doors in the Gaol

There is an art museum next door including some lovely grounds to look around. My friends decided to practice their pole dancing skills…

Becky trying to climb a lamp post in Ireland

Tapas & Temple Bar

My friend Keri, regularly travels to Ireland for work. The locals advised her to go to Temple Bar, the well known area in Dublin Ireland. We decided to go the day we arrived and go somewhere less tourist-y for our main night out. After a quick change at Cassidy’s Hotel (which is a lovelyhotel). We headed to Port House Pintxo for some delicious tapas. Followed by Temple Bar for a drink or two. The atmosphere down Temple Bar was buzzing to say it was a “school night”. It was rammed in the pub. Most bars have live music which creates a fun atmosphere. The exterior, with the Christmas tree, foliage and fairy lights is truly beautiful! We were knackered after a long day meaning we were home for around midnight. A good nights sleep was needed to be refreshed for a full day on Friday.

Becka, Sophie, Rach and Keri in a Tapas bar
Temple Bar sign

Copper Face Jacks

A girls mini break wouldn’t be complete without a big night out! It took all four of us FOUR HOURS to get ready. Course we had to use Sophie’s make up artist skills and Keri’s hair skills to make sure we all looked and felt awesome. The other three girls actually bought new outfits while we were shopping earlier in the day! We’d been advised to go to Harcourt Street, Dublin Ireland which was literally a street of bars and clubs.

Dressed up for a night out

As we were dropped off outside Copper Face Jacks, that is where we went first…and ended up staying the entire night!

The website boasts:

“The main floor at the nightclub is made up of the main bar and dance floor which has hosted many wonderful bands and parties over the years, a fully heated and covered main beer garden, the mews bar and the residence bar. Our residence bar is the perfect size for intimate parties or a perfect place to party away into the early hours at Dublin’s best nightclub.”

I have to agree with them, to be honest! Great music, a heated and covered beer garden (awesome if you’re a smoker!). It’s got good drinks, friendly people and the CLEANEST club I’ve been in. Seriously, as soon as a drink was spilled or glass was smashed (which happened twice to me that night, completely accidentally) there was a bouncer on the case! Shining his flashlight on the offending spillage, it was closely followed by a team of men with mops and brushes, wiping and sweeping. My drunken state found it hilarious. I kept trying to dance with the mops. They didn’t appreciate that much!


The night ended with a rickshaw home. I have never laughed as much! The driver was a lunatic! He was mounting pavements, weaving through traffic and overtaking anyone. His little legs peddled away at full speed. Definitely recommend getting home from your night out via a man on a bike – totally hilarious.

Merchant Arch & Davy Lewis Duo

The music got mentioned a lot whenever I said I was going to Dublin. Bands in the pubs throughout the day, everyday. On the Saturday, we wandered down temple bar. We felt a little delicate after our night out, and ended up in Merchant Arch. We sat for a couple of hours, chatting, snacking, drinking and listening to the awesome Davy Lewis Duo who sang a range of songs – Robbie Williams, Johnny Cash, Bon Jovi, to name a few. Their harmonies were on point, two guys with stunning voices and a bit of personality too.

Taking in the chilled Irish atmosphere for a couple of hours was really lovely and enjoyable. Definitely a highlight.

Castles, Cathedrals and Culture

My usual life is busy, full on and works to a routine. One of the things I really loved about our couple of days in Dublin Ireland was how relaxed it was. We didn’t rush anywhere. There was no routine. We went with the flow and did what we wanted.


After Sophie got her bus to the airport (she had to go early for a wedding reception in the evening) Keri, Rachel and I wandered around Dublin, seeing the Cathedral (sat in the grounds eating Haribo and people watching) and Dublin Castle which has a lovely Garda Memorial Garden, dedicated to the irish Garda killed in the line of duty. The website says:

“Several sculptural works are also incorporated into the layout. These works and the overall design of the garden are intended to reflect how the premature deaths of loved ones leave a trace or imprint, like ripples in a pool, on the lives of those left behind.”

It’s a beautifully peaceful place and stunning to look at.

Have you been to Dublin Ireland? Can you recommend any other places for when we (definitely) return? Have you been to the places we visited? What did you think? Comment below or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. For other travel posts see Kefalonia, Greece and Venice, Italy.

Finally, here’s some of my other favourite pictures from our trip:

Rocking my pinafore and loving it
Not getting in till 4pm and then flying home at 9pm the next day, makes for a very tired Becka
Because it’s cool as f**k
Dublin, Ireland

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    1. Oooh definitely go. Flights were really cheap and the hotel we stayed in was nice and affordable. When you’re there it is fairly expensive but staying and getting there isn’t. Thanks for commenting. x

  1. This sounds lovely, that club sounds insanely efficient! I don’t think I’ve been in night club that even cleans, let alone one that deals with spills immediately!


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