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Early Years Story Box – The Memory Box Collection

Many moons ago when Lucas was just a tiny baby, I met a lovely lady called Stacey Kelly at a baby group. Jump forward seven years and our children go to the same school, we live in the same village and are friends! She is the founder of Early Years Story Box, author and illustrator and generally a super mum! 

Early Years Story Box have recently launched their Memory Box Collection which is a collection of twelve storybooks that will help children to manage their feelings, understand and accept themselves and step into being the best that they can be. 

The starter pack includes:

  • Storybook 1 (Lala the Ladybird about easing worries)
  • A bonus storybook
  • A colouring book and crayons
  • Stickers
  • Character and jigsaw cards
  • Collectors checklist
  • A memory box to store the books
  • A secret reveal! 

You get the full Early Years Story box starter pack for just £14.97! Bargain! The other eleven books at £4.99 each or you can buy the entire collection in one go for £69.86. 

The Full Collection

These storybooks are beautiful. The illustrations, the rhyming and the sentiment behind them. Stacey has put her heart and soul into these books and it shows. Each storybook focuses on a different character and a problem. Additionally, familiar characters such as Fergy the Fish and Oaky the Owl feature across the books. 

2: Perfectly Imperfect Syril the Squirrel – about making mistakes and learning from them. 

3: Denny the Dragon’s Fiery Feelings – about managing feelings 

4: Raya the Robin’s broken Wings – about asking for help

5: Tessa the Turtles Tough Times – about feeling good enough

6: Little Bears Big Breakthrough – about persistence and resilience

7: Delightfully Different Yaryo – about accepting differences

8: Callie’s Power To Fly – about positive actions and self belief

9: Seema’s Superhero Dream – about positive attitudes and behaviour

10: Thank you Oaky – about gratitude

11: Sorry Sidney – about apologising and taking responsibility

12: Chilly the Alien’s Earthly Endeavors – about being brave and trying new things.  

Each book is wholesome, sweet and meaningful. Both my children (aged 7 and 3) love them. They are also great for my eldest to read to my youngest. I love that Stacey has included a section at the back of each book with questions linked to the theme to fill in. Even if you don’t fill them in, they are a great conversation starter. Get your children chatting about their thoughts and feelings! After eighteen months of worry, fear, change and disruption, I think that this collection of books is just what our children need. It gives them the opportunity to speak up about how their feeling in a way that is safe and relaxed. 


Our favourite story books from the Early Years Story Box Memory Box Collection are ‘Delightfully Different Yaryo’ and ‘Chilly the Alien’s Earth Endeavors’. We love them because the characters have been illustrated by Stacey’s two children Eleni and Noah, when they were both just four years old! How clever? I love that there is a real family feel to the collection. 

We love picking a book from the collection at bedtime. We read it together and then having a chat before they snuggle down for sleeptime. 

And there’s more!

Not only has Stacey created these wonderful storybooks but she also has booked based on nursery/childminder/primary school transition and cultural books as well as Christmas, Easter and Birthday themed storybooks! 

Lucas got the primary school transition book ‘Little Bears First Day of Reception’ and it was fabulous for helping him feel confident about his first day

You can find out more about Early Years Story Box on their website or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Keep an eye out on my Facebook and Instagram pages where I will be sharing more from this fabulous collection. 

Note: I have not been paid to write this. Furthermore, I have been gifted the collection in return for some social media work but a blog post wasn’t included. Essentially, I just love them so much I wanted to write about it!

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