Five Things I Learnt From The First Year of being a School Mum.

Schools Out For Summer!

Today is the last day of the the school year 2018/19. Lucas’ first ever year at school and also my first as a school mum. Another milestone passed and so many more years of schooling ahead of him. It seems like moments since I wrote this post about his first day at school. I was full of anticipation and worry of how he would get on. I read that post back and feel proud that he did what I said, he attacked it head on.

Proof of this came when we received his report last week and it said lovely things such as

“the most kind, polite and confident young man”

“always makes an effort to include everybody”

“He has made us proud every single day.”

I sobbed like a baby when I read it. I’m hoping that his attitude to school remains positive in the upcoming years.

lucas in blue tee with his name on and jeans

As I reflected on the year I started thinking about what I had learnt:

1) “Get Dressed” becomes a frequent phrase

I thought this was something that comedians just joked about! Nope, 100% true. I’m amazed how frequently this sentence is said between 7am and 8:45am Monday to Friday in the Roversi house. before they start school, they can proudly get themselves dressed. Start school – lose all ability to dress themselves. Lucas wanders around in the nude, being distracted by toys.

2) Don’t bother asking what he did during the day when you pick him up. He won’t remember but he WILL remember what he had for lunch.

Another cliche but if I ask him on our short walk home he said “I Don’t Know”. even with prompting. He does not want to talk about it. However when I get in from work I just need a bit of time to come around. I think this is the equivalent of it.

3) Conveniently, what he did during the day usually pops into his head during bath time and before he’s going to bed.

Obviously then, it is imperative that he tells me about his day….so he can go to bed a little later. For instance, it’s amazing the amount of things he can think of to tell me. He even remembers things from weeks ago!

4) Lucas has never shown an interest in Art till school. Your kitchen surfaces and utility room will be filled with models. Your fridge and walls will be filled with pictures.

The good pictures get displayed in the playroom and some get put in a folder to keep. Others sit on the side for a day or two before ending up in the bin when he’s not looking! Be careful with this! If it is found in the bin by said child, it can cause devastation! As for the models, some are alright…most are pathetic – a box with some paper tapes to it, for example.

5) Reception teachers are bonkers…but they have a heart of gold.

I struggle to not go totally insane with one 5 year old. They deal with 45 of them between the two of them and two assistants and that baffles me! I’m super sad that they won’t be teaching him as they really are wonderful people. It’s clear how much they like Lucas.


Lucas said:

“I’m going to miss Mrs M and Miss B but my new class is exciting.”

I’m pleased he had such a lovely attitude and they’ve obviously prepped them well for their next adventure. We had an assembly yesterday, reflecting on their year. It was so lovely and I did shed a tear a couple of times! We left with some beautiful momentos of his first year at school which I thought was so thoughtful of them. They really are a special bunch of ladies.

I’ve learnt as much as Lucas!

Finally, if you’re becoming a school mum for the first time this September, try not to worry too much. The routine and school runs become second nature after a week or two. It’s amazing how much you can get done in school hours! They settle into a new routine. Even those that are a bit upset are first are running in and not looking back after a couple of weeks. After that, your life is put on fast forward and it’s suddenly July!

Unfortunately, the hardest thing to adjust to is that they suddenly have this little life that you’re not part of and don’t see.

Lucas and Mummy smiling

Do you have any advice for a new school mum? Have you just experienced your first year of school mum life? How have you found it?

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  1. awww congratulations on achieving success on the first year of school. Today my boys started school again crazy how fast it went X #kcacols

  2. My best piece of advice for new school mum’s, get to the school and park the car at least 30 minutes early, then sit back and observe chaos unfold as everyone else arrives late and parking wars erupt!
    On a serious note, as a mum to teens, enjoy this time, when they get to secondary school you will not be wanted at the school gate and they still won’t tell you about their day, apart from arguments and who said what 😉 x


    1. Awww I love hearing from mums of teenagers, its a good insight into whats to come. Im lucky we live walking distance from school so i observe the craziness from the path! x

  3. The best thing I learned from becoming a school mum is how to get out the door on time. Before that I wasn’t the best timekeeper but now I have it down to the minute schedule. My time keeping has dramatically improved! And not just when it comes to getting my daughters to school and pre-school but in other aspects of life too. I am rarely late for anything anymore and am very pleased with that! #KCACOLS

    1. Aw thats brilliant! I think when it impacts your child and their reputation, it definitely helps get me out of the house on time! x

  4. I found that the only thing that mine remembers most days is who she played with at recess. The most important advice I would give somebody is not to underestimate the amount of time that it takes to get shoes and socks on. You’re talking about 10 minutes minimum each morning #KCACOLS

  5. All the school milestones are so emotive, mine are in Year 3 now and I still cry at everything! The hardest thing for me was juggling all the messages and requests from school. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

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