Introducing…ParentalGrit aka Micah who is the writer behind Parental Grit. Micah tells shares embarrassing moments and funny tales, with a few words of encouragement and advice too.

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Introduce Yourself! 

My name is Micah and I founded as an outlet for parents to read about the lighter and often more sarcastic side of parenting while throwing in a dash of advice and encouragement!  I write brand new posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and love interacting with other parents on the website and social media! By day, I’m a Corporate Training MBA who would rather be writing and an incredibly proud husband and father to two adorable girls.

What is your favourite blog post/vlog and why?

I love writing off-the-wall humorous and sarcastic posts so I should probably choose something from the full week we did on Hot Mess Parenting. However, my favourite posts to reflect on are the ones exploring the tough moments inparenting, like this one titled The Thin Line Between Grace and Anger.

What is your favourite part of being a blogger/vlogger?

I definitely enjoy the legacy aspect of blogging; no matter where this journey takes me, I’ll always have all these thoughts and emotions from the first few years of my kids’ lives to look back on and possibly share as they someday start their own parenting journey.

If you could give a new blogger/vlogger one piece of advice, what would it be?

Make a plan, work the plan.  The worst mistake you can make as a blogger is trying to do everything at once and being all things to all people.  Decide your focus before you begin: how often will you post, how aggressive will you market, what will your social media presence be etc.  I flailed around for a few months before settling on my routine; this doesn’t mean I can’t do more as I find the time, but I know exactly what my commitments to the blog and media are each week.

Where is your favourite location/attraction for a family day out and why?

Grandma’s House! Free food and extra help with the hooligans, what could be better?

You get in a lift with a lady pushing a buggy, the baby is newborn and screaming his/her head off, the mum looks frazzled to say the least. What do you say to her? 

It only gets worse.  Just kidding, I’d probably say don’t feel bad, don’t feel embarrassed, and don’t feel like you need to explain the crying.

Tell us your favourite WTF (what the f**k?) moment in parenting?

We did this Naked Weekend thing that supposedly provides instant potty-training…it did not go well. Read more here.

What would you say to 14 year old you?

Since my blog is parenting specific, I’ll by passthe dozens of ideas I have for life advice (I was an idiot) and simply say: “Pay attention to what your parents do for you and sacrifice for you, acknowledge their impact on your life, and spend a little more time at home.”

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? 

Most people don’t know about…my blog.  It may sound silly, but very few of my friends, family members, and colleagues know about ParentalGrit.  It’s not necessarily wholly intentional, but PG remains a secret obsession for me. 

You can have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

Mark Twain – his quotes on life sway wildly between inspirational and hilarious…right in my wheelhouse.

Gary Vaynerchuk – I want to lose myself in my work and my life with the same kind of passion he has.

Seth Godin – his book “Linchpin” was the kick in the seat I needed to start ParentalGrit.

Thanks so much to Micah for being part of my “Introducing…” series. I loved his answer about Grandma’s house being his favourite place for a family day out and I have to say, I know what he means. Grandma’s house for us is free food and a bit of relaxation for me too! I also loved that he described PG as his “secret obsession”. I get that and can relate. 

Micah chose a class for his favourite song, Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger, but did say that Baby Shark would be a close second, he must be mad!

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