This weeks blogger is Gemma aka YorkshireMumof4. Anyone with more than two children deserves a medal if you ask me. I only just survive keeping two alive. It’s always nice to feature bloggers from my neck of the woods!


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Introduce Yourself! 

I am Gemma, a trainee accountant from Yorkshire. I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. I work part time and also blog as a hobby about anything and everything including my daughters who have started doing youtube videos and trying their hand at acting. My hobbies include travelling, days out and exploring the world.


What is your favourite blog post or vLog and why? (Include links)

I’m Close to 30. F**k! – I like this post as it is relatable as I am 29 so closer to the big 3-0 than ever. I also have a 10 year old son now so I feel older than ever 


What is your favourite part of being a blogger/vlogger? 

My favourite part is just getting my thoughts, feelings and knowledge out there, sort of like a creative outlet for me to just be myself with words and also for a diary to keep to look back on and think that was what happened then etc. 

If you could give a new blogger/vlogger one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t do it for the money and fame, I imagine only a select few make it anyway and you can become too focused on the money side and less about what you care about. I think keep your passion is the most important and don’t sell out, work with what you believe in don’t just have links all over your blog etc for things you don’t have an interest in or don’t believe in yourself. 

Where is your favourite location/attraction for a family day out and why?

My favourite local attraction – Probably blackpool pleasure beach although it isn’t local. I love Blackpool as it doesn’t claim to be something it isn’t – I have many fond memories of my childhood their with grandparents so I will always love trips there. The pleasure beach has rides for everyone and last time we went Dora the Explorer was there and my daughter said about 500 times I love Dora, it was grating by the end of the day. 


You get in a lift with a lady pushing a buggy, the baby is newborn and screaming his/her head off, the mum looks frazzled to say the least. What do you say to her? 

I would say to the lady ‘we have all been there love’ and then smile with a warm smile that I hope would mean ‘your doing ok, you will get through this’

Tell us your favourite WTF (what the f**k?) moment in parenting?

When my son was having a massive temper tantrum when we went out and he wouldn’t do as he was told and I had to take him home but he was around 4 and wouldn’t walk so I had to pick him up with his punching my back all the way to the car. I was seriously like WTF. I do something nice and take you out and this is how I am rewarded. 

What would you say to 14 year old you?

Be you, don’t care what people think of you, love yourself and your body and let the confidence show through, not everyone has to be the same, life would be boring. 

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? 

I am actually quite soft inside, many people see the hard shell on the outside and think I can take more negativity than people give but many times I have cried because of other peoples actions. 

You can have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

Alan sugar (Business sense) Cher (Entertainment) and Channing Tatum (Obvs!)

Big thanks to Gemma for taking part. I have to agree with Blackpool – i have so many happy memories of going there as a kid and just the mention of Channing Tatum on the last question got me excited for Magic Mike Live in January 2019!

Gemma picked this song as her favourite song:

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