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Lockdown Wins

The CoronaVirus pandemic has been something that many will never experience. It’s something that our children will be telling their grandchildren about. Their grandchildren will learn about at school and talking about how when Grandma Becka had Covid 19! Lockdown 2 was dominated by this and being apart from the kids. With school still open it’s a little different to Lockdown 1 and that’s the one I was to reflect on.

It doesn’t bare thinking about the tragedies of the global pandemic of 2020. While I don’t want to forget about those who have lost their lives to this hideous virus and I don’t want to forget the thousands of key workers who risk their lives to help us, I do want to look back. I’d like to think of the positives of lockdown life because I’m a glass half full kinda girl….


I’ve always lived in a village that has a great sense of community. Everyone knows everyone. The village shopkeepers know you and your kids. People say “hello” as they pass you in the street. It’s a great place to live and feel part of something. During lockdown, I feel like that mentality spread further than just my village. When someone asked “how are you?” they actually meant it. People were communicating more and listening more. The “Be Kind” movement was in full force and everyone was looking out for each other, because we were all in the same boat. 

lockdown life

Every Thursday evening I stood at the end of my drive with Lucas and Sienna bashing away on their pans, I got a lump in my throat as I thought of everyone across the country doing the same thing and the key workers working hard to look after us all. 

Fun at Home

Pre lockdown I feared being at home all day with the kids. Genuinely. I would always organise my day so that we were out either morning or afternoon or all day if possible! I just didn’t think my children played well at home. Well, it turns out that when you’re forced to do just that, it’s not that bad after all! 

My homeschooling routine definitely helped. Leaving them to independent play all day is asking for trouble and it’s definitely all about reading their moods and deciding what order to do them in. For example, their best time to play together is straight after breakfast so if they end up playing pretend I let them get on with it and use my time to prepare tea or do some washing. If they don’t start playing our day usually goes like this

  • Get active – PE with Joe or Cosmic Kids to get rid of some energy. 
  • English/Maths for Lucas and tablet time for Sienna
  • Creative activity – making something, baking, drawing, lego challenge etc
  • A walk! We had the odd day that we stayed in but most of the time we looked forward to our walks and found some lovely ones nearby. 
Lockdown Life

Moving forward, throughout summer 2020 and also future summers, I think I will remember this little things to ensure that we don’t burn out being out every day and can have some home days too. 

New Skills

I know there were a lot of people who used lockdown life to learn a new language or instrument or something else big like that. Well, I think those people are childless because I don’t know where they would find the time otherwise! 

Between Lucas, Sienna and I we have mastered some new skills. 

  • Lucas learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers (this has been a godsend because it made him keener to go for a walk)
  • I learnt to make Yorkshire Puddings and Roast Potatoes – we had a roast dinner every Wednesday in lockdown and it was something Lucas and I really looked forward to. 
  • Sienna learnt how to use her imagination. I didn’t realise this until Lucas went back to school and she has the opportunity to play with her toys without him being involved. It was lovely seeing her chatter away for Peppa and her friends. 
  • Lucas learnt to hold his wee all night and could stop wearing nappies at night! 
  • I learnt to decorate! I painted all of downstairs whilst the kids were at their Dad’s and I was furloughed. I’m very proud of how it looks. 
  • Sienna learnt to talk more…including “Its bit boring Mummy” RUDE! 
lockdown life

Family Bond

As much as they’ve driven me crazy at times, it’s been lovely having the extra time with Lucas and Sienna. They’ve also got to spend more time with Daddy because he was furloughed too. I think this, in turn, helped them settle into their new home because they were able to stay three nights rather than two and spend more time there during the day rather than being at school/nursery. 

Sienna and Lucas in the paddling pool

Lucas and Sienna’s sibling bond has definitely grown stronger too. They spent ten solid weeks together with no break from each other. They did amazing and Sienna is like Lucas’ little shadow. 

So, in a global pandemic, some good can come out of it and I’d definitely rather focus on that. 
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