Magic Mike Live London

The seed is planted….MML Live, London.

Picture the scene, I’m sat on my sofa watching TV with the other half. Suddenly Channing Tatum shows his pretty face on the screen and announces that he’s bring MML Live London. I sit, bolt upright, ring my best mate Keri to inform her of this. A few days later the tickets are booked. Not just any tickets, front row tickets! We decide it will 2018’s birthday and Christmas presents all in one. An excuse for a bit of Life Partner time to start the new year.

Scoot forward several months…

…and we’re boarding a train, complete with fancy outfits, alcohol and big smiles. Despite the stress a few days before as ( typically) trains were being temperamental, we are determined to make the most of our time together. The fact that our train is going to be diverted, with the journey time increases from two hours to four, doesn’t dampened our spirits. In fact, we get chatting to a lovely man with a son and a daughter similar age to us. He’s going to the Tottenham match and I’m sure our conversation entertains him for the extended journey….poor man. Keri feels he is a kindred spirit when he tells her he works in Health and Safety…just like her.

Four hours two big bags of crisps, two malibu and cokes and two cans of kopperberg later…

…we arrive at Kings Cross Station and make our way to our home for the night – the St Giles Hotel. We got a really good deal on an exclusive room, eight floors up looking over London, that included breakfast. Exclusive extras included a super soft dressing gown. I didn’t want to get out of it. I think the rooms were also slightly newer or recently renovated. The service and room were excellent and it’s location is perfect if you’re going to the West End. It’s also not far from Leicester Square so I’ll definitely be rebooking for future London visits. Great location!

All was going well…

We have a ten minute walk down to the Hippodrome Casino to make sure we knew where we were going later. We thought we were organised…we thought we’d covered all bases! After an expensive and, in my opinion over rated Five Guys burger and chips, we went back to the room to start getting ready. We pour a glass of WKD Blue…I know, we’re super classy.

It says it starts at 7:30pm…

This is when thing began to go wrong. I was almost ready. Just started to blow dry Keri’s super thick hair when something makes her look at the tickets:

Oh no….Becky… says it starts at 7:30pm”

We thought (we still don’t know why) the show started at 10:30pm…it was 7:45pm. SHIT! Keri threw her hair up into a bun. We both pulled our tights on and zipped up our dresses as quickly as humanly possible. I did this whilst ringing the Casino. The lady on the phone was unbelievably lovely and said not to worry. We were to get down as quickly and safely as possible.

We ran through London…

Keri with no shoes on because they had a huge heal and arrived there by 8pm. Pretty impressive eh? Still, we’d missed a third of a performance that had cost us just over £90 per ticket. It stung a bit.

Suddenly there were a lot of handsome men on stage, partially naked and dancing with strength, precision and a lot of sexy. It’s fair to say my mind was taken off it…until it ended an hour later. We sat in the bar saying how amazing it had been. We felt slightly flat and couldn’t get over that we had missed the beginning. I decided to be brave and I went to speak to the door staff. They knew what had happened as they had helped us get to our seats. There was another showing at 10pm and I asked if there was any way we could get in to see the first thirty minutes. They had to wait till everyone had taken their seats and said they’d get back to us.

Good News or Bad News?

At 10pm the manager came over:

Good news or bad news?” I asked hopefully.

Always good!” He said with a smile.


You can go into this showing but you’ll have to stand at the back, is that okay?

IS THAT OKAY? It was AMAZING! We couldn’t believe our luck! Not only that but they didn’t kick us out after thirty minutes! We saw the whole show again, dancing throughout the entire performance.

Magic Mike Live London

So what about Magic Mike Live itself? Well excuse me if I go a bit “drama teacher-y” while I tell you.

You may have seen my Instagram post where I say, if you’re going for lots of naked men and d**k then MML ISN’T for you. It’s never been advertised as a strip show because it isn’t. One of the guys gets down to a single hat. The others only go as far as boxers and to be honest, it’s so much more than just some gorgeous men on stage.

Compered by the amazing Samantha Baines, who is utterly hilarious and perfect for the job, Magic Mike Live is about respect, female empowerment and appreciation. The level of talent from the guys involved is off the scale with street, contemporary, tap and breakdancing all featuring plus a stunning and sexually charged duet from “Mike” aka Manny Tsakanika and female dancer Hannah. As I told her in the bar after, I wasn’t sure who I fancied more in that scene! Jake Brewer showed his aerial talents with some ropes hanging over a luckily girl on a bed below him and this was all sandwiches between whole group numbers and a performance where they showed their musical talents, playing guitar, piano, drums and singing showing they are far more than just sexy men…but they are, really sexy because there is nothing more attractive than a man that can dance (IMO)!

The Hippodrome Casino

The casino seemed like an odd choice for the performance but after watching it (twice!) I totally get it. It’s a small, intimate space with plenty of potential.

The stage raised, lowered, had levels added to it, ropes hung from the ceiling that they came down on and ladders were situated at the sides so that the boys could access everywhere without leaving the performance space. A perspex “shelf” around the balcony meant that, no matter where you were sat, the boys were up close and personal.

When chatting to one of the cast in the bar after, he said that it was unable to go on tour as it was because the performance space was such a large part of it. With the small, adaptable space, every woman gets a “moment” at least once. The boys make eye contact, walk past and squeeze your shoulder and if you’re really lucky you get a lap dance or even end up on stage with them! They get around the entire audience throughout the ninety minute show so every audience member gets that “moment” and it’s a testament to the thought and hard work that has gone into creating Magic Mike Live.

My highlights…

The tap dancing to Justin Timberlakes “My Love” (I’m a sucker for some tap dancing), my delicious lap dance from the gorgeous Ross Sands and the steamy duet I mentioned earlier. Mostly what I loved was that, despite it being a male show, it’s all about the appreciation of women and respect. It runs throughout the show with Samantha asking the boys what they appreciate about the lady they have on stage with them and she even checked on one of them when another lady got a little too “hands on” if you know what I mean. Keri and I have seen Dreamboys several times but Magic Mike Live is classier, cleverer and on a completely different level.

Credit: Travor Leighton

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  1. I have seen this advertised, but never thought Channing Tatum might actually be doing some of the shows! That’s really good that they let you watch the next performance – all worked out in the end!

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic night! Getting the time wrong is just the sort of thing I’d do (as is running barefooted through London!!) How kind that they let you see the next performance! #KCACOLS

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