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Marvel Universe Live! Review

Major Mummy and Wife Points!

When I told my husband I had been gifted tickets for Marvel Universe Live for a review, his words were “Best wife ever!” or something along those lines. We didn’t tell Lucas till nearer the time as I couldn’t deal with the constant asking of how many sleeps. Let’s be honest, it’s only October and he’s asking about Christmas thanks to shops and their decorations. By the time the day came to go to Fly DSA Arena in Sheffield, both boys were extremely excited.

The Plot

Marvel Universe Live combines the avengers with the extended Avengers (including Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man and the Wasp) who come together with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist and Black Panther. Their mission is to get the Wand of Watoomb before it falls into Loki’s hands. I haven’t seen all the Marvel films. I wasn’t clued up on all the characters but it didn’t matter. The plot was easy to follow which was needed considering the age range of children in the audience.

Marvel Live

Having helped many students write theatrical reviews over the years, I’m trained to look at the whole package. I don’t always end up fully immersed in the performance because I like to look whats going on around. Lighting, sound, set, special effects, costume, dancing, acting – my brain takes it all in! At Marvel Universe Live there was a lot to take in!

The Cast

I just kept thinking

“What a cool job”

These guys get to play superheroes every day! Due to their high action roles they mime along to a voiceover with exaggerated gestures and body language. In an arena everything needs to be ten times bigger to be seen and the cast certainly deliver with this. They are so engaging and majorly talented humans!

Marvel Live

The Whole Package

Most impressive are the acrobatics and stunts. They are slick and well rehearsed which I guess they have to be or something could go seriously wrong! High action battles and stage combat keep the audiences attention. I immediately said to Ric that I was glad we hadn’t brought Sienna (aged 22 months). She would have spent the whole time saying “Oh No Mummy!”

The costumes are perfect. It’s clear that a lot of money has been spent to ensure that children believe they are the real thing. I love that they have created this magic! There are many points in the show when you just don’t know where to look! There is so much going on. I kept looking up at the rigging at the top, watching the actors get into place and descend via wires. As someone who is scared of height I certainly didn’t envy them! The pyrotechnics add the to the “wow” factor. I can imagine they might be scary for some children. Heads up if your children are sensitive to loud or sudden noises.

Personally I loved the scene with the bikes! The stunt at the end of it (I won’t spoil it for you) made me say “Wow” out loud. Lucas was so excited when Hulk appeared near the end and I found Groot to be the most impressive character. On leaving the arena I discussed my favourite superhero. It was a toss up between Wasp (I liked her costume) and Black Widow (she had skills on the bike).



I feel so lucky that I was able to give Lucas (and Ric) this experience. I’m really grateful to Instinct PR for the opportunity to create content for it. We had the best afternoon. It was lovely to give our biggest boy some one on one time. He’s not had any since Sienna was born. Mostly I’m thankful for the opportunity to sit and watch Lucas’ face during the performance. I did watch Marvel Universe Live but I kept glancing at Lucas. The look on his face was one of wonder, amazement and magic.


Marvel Universe Live in on around the UK until the 8th December and there is still some tickets left at selected venues. If you have a superhero loving son, daughter, husband or wife, why not treat them to an early Christmas present?

Marvel Universe Live

Have you been to see Marvel Live? Who is for favourite superhero? Comment below or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! You can find more reviews here.


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