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The One Where I Got Covid 19

Never one to pass up a Friends reference I am? I’ve been a bit rubbish at writing blog posts recently but if there ever was a time to document, having CoronaVirus is!

Personally, it’s very much felt like the virus has got closer and closer in Lockdown 2.0. In the first lockdown, I didn’t know anyone who had it or anyone’s family/friends who had it. This time around it started with a friend’s Mum having it, then a friend of a friend, then my boss, then me! My Covid 19 experience had begun… 

How Did It Start? 

My Covid 19 experience started on Saturday evening officially. The kids had gone to their Dad’s on Saturday morning and I’ve literally spent the day on the sofa. Blanket – check! Netflix – check! Snacks – check! I was set, however, by the time I went to bed I was SUPER tired. I put it down to being lazy. It can make you lethargic right? 

On Sunday I stayed in bed all day. I was watching Netflix (heavily invested in reliving my youth with Dawson’s Creek!), playing Animal Crossing and scrolling Instagram. I’m seriously questioning my age after writing that sentence but my point is that I didn’t feel too cracking! 

Monday morning I woke up early very aware I didn’t feel well and started stressing about the kids coming back the following day. I booked a test on the basis that I had a little cough (which I thought was just the end of my cold). 

The Test

Urgh! I’d took Lucas (aged 6) for the test a month previously so I knew what to expect. My thought process was that if Lucas could do it, i could. I asked to be assisted with it because I didn’t think I could do it properly on myself. It was a drive through centre and the lady who did it was super lovely and gentle. 

Covid 19 Experience - Test

It wasn’t pleasant! The worst part of my Covid 19 experience! I gagged when the throat swab was done but the nose was the bit I was most worried about. Lucas had told me how horrible it was! Honestly, it was okay for the first few seconds then it tickled and made my eyes water a lot. 


The test result came back on Tuesday afternoon. My first reaction was to cry because I knew that meant the kids couldn’t come back from their Dad’s. I phoned around and read the guidance to figure out if they needed to isolate too. They did. They had been in direct contact with me within 48 hours of my symptoms starting, as had their Dad and my Mum so they were all self-isolating. 

Covid 19 Experience - Positive Result

Separating from the Kids

The guidance said I had to isolate for ten days after symptoms started so we agreed they would come back to me then and I’d isolate for longer with them till their stint was up. I have two and a half days left before they come home and I can’t wait to give them a big hug. 

Lucas and Sienna

I feel bad that they have missed out on school/pre-school. They’re also missing odd socks day and Children In Need fun so the Mum Guilt is in full flow. Luckily they’re having a lovely time with their Dad. He keeps sending me videos and photos and we facetime each afternoon. They did a drive-by to pick up Lucas’ school work and I got to talk to them from the top of the drive while they stayed in the car. I’m counting down the days until I see them. Knowing full well that they will be driving me crazy this time next week!


I feel lucky that I haven’t suffered badly with Covid 19. After Sunday and Monday, I started to pick up and pretty much felt normal by Wednesday. I have a lingering minute headache that arrives in the evening but that’s it. In November 2019 I had a week where I was super poorly. I couldn’t move and said that I’d never had the flu but that certainly felt like it. It was impossible to muster the energy to get Lucas from school. I genuinely think I had it then and that’s why I’ve had a mild case this time. Hopefully, that’s it now! 

I don’t know how helpful this will be to people but I’ve had a few questions on Instagram about my Covid 19 experience so I thought I’d put it down on here. After all, in the future, my kids and grandkids will be learning about the Global Pandemic 2020. It’d be nice if they got a first-hand account. 

Becka Selfie

I just want to say a quick ‘thank you’ to everyone who has messaged me with well wishes, offered to drop things off and made me smile with text messages, phone calls and facetime. It’s massively appreciated. 

Much love

Becka xxx

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