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Today is International Podcast Day. They’ve been around for a while but they’ve really took off this year. Celebrities, bloggers, sports people and many others are recording podcasts. Parenting, Birth, Mental Health, Comedy, Fashion…no topics are off limits for Podcasts!

If I’m honest, there’re not something I was overly interested in. They didn’t appeal to me. Then I found out that Giovanna Fletcher had one based on her book Happy Baby Happy Mum. I loved the book and thought I’ve give it a go. Suddenly I was hooked!

With this in mind, I thought I’d share my favourite podcasts! Please let me know if you’ve listened to them or you can recommend any that are similar to the type I like.

Happy Baby Happy Mum by Giovanna Fletcher

Happy Baby Happy Mum podcast

Obviously I had to start with this one. It started the love of podcasts. Giovanna is just so endearing as a person and her family are serious #familygoals. I actually would like her to be my best friend! Giovanna has spoke to a range of people but all with parenting in common. One of my favourites was the Caitlin Moran episode. She isn’t someone I’d come across before listening to it but I found her very relatable to my life and she’s hilarious! Giovanna seems like such a supportive person and I love that she regularly highlights that we’re all just doing our best. There are far too many people trying to bring others down and I love that Gi builds people up.

Happy Place by Fearne Cotton

Happy Place Podcast

I find Fearne to be a very likeable person. She’s been on our TV screens for years and we’ve practically grown up together…indirectly! In her podcast she speaks to some incredible people about what happiness means to them. A lot of it reverts to mental health and I have found these episodes to be insightful, funny, emotional and educational. Some of her guests I’d not heard of before but it didn’t stop me enjoying it. I actually found myself finding those people and finding more about them. My favourite Happy Place episode so far is quite a recent one. Megan Jane Crabbe aka Bodyposipanda. What a fabulous woman. I hope one day I can be as comfortable in my own skin as she is.

Honestly with Clemmie Telford

Honestly Clemmie Telford Podcasts

Genuinely, Clemmie’s Honestly is one of my favourite podcasts. I have been so gripped by each episode. they are incredibly interesting and funny too! She is the creator of “The Mother of All Lists” which has done fantastically and an “influencer” (i hate that term) that I find inspirational. Honestly tackles taboo subjects that others may not want to talk about or may find uncomfortable. For me, these are the topics that interests me the most! I loved the episode on Death. I know that sounds weird but Anna Lyons and Louise Winters were fascinating! There is something about death that scares and intrigues me. I learnt so much from this episode. I also have a strange obsession with prisons (love a prison documentary!) so the episode with Lisa Selby was also captivating.

Don’t Tell Your Mum by JK and Al

heart Fm podcasts

I’ve been following Al and his wife Jen on Instagram for a while. They are normal, honest, genuine and have a beautiful family. JK and Al give an insight into parenting from the Dad’s point of view and I love it! It’s bloody hilarious but they also touch on sensitive topics too. The InstaDad is becoming more prominent online and it’s great to see them building a supportive community, Al aids this with DadsNet. This podcast is a little more “easy listening” than some of the others in this list. My favourite episode is the one with Joel from DadVGirls and his story about kidnapped at gun point by a group of armed men. Shocking and funny all at the same time!

Birth Stories with Clemmie Hooper

birth story podcasts

Clemmie Hooper is otherwise known as Mother of Daughters (MOD) on Instagram. She’s a mother to four and a midwife so immediately she gets massive amounts of respect to me. I LOVE listening to peoples birth stories so her podcast is a dream. That’s weird isn’t it? Ah well! As someone who experienced two fairly straight forward births, hearing others experiences is amazing and broadens my knowledge of it as a whole. I’d love to be a midwife, but i didn’t realise this until after I’d had children! A woman body is unbelievable and listening to these podcasts confirms it.

If you haven’t listened to any of the above, then I definitely recommend you check them out if they’re your thing. I suppose the majority have a theme of parenting but I guess that’s what I can relate to the most.

Finally, I was privileged to be part of a podcast by one of my Instabuddies Lea Meakin who records ‘Just Talk’ podcast. It was fab to see how it all works and I can totally appreciate the amount of work that goes into it! Massive thanks to Lea for having me and you can listen to it here.

Do you listen to Podcasts? Can you recommend any I might like? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. I love podcasts!
    I do a lot of driving so they are the perfect solution for me haha! I love the funny ones like:
    I Secretly Recorded My Boyfriend and S******, Married, Annoyed with Chris and Rosie Ramsey… Hilarious! X

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