November Favourites

November Favourites

Ey Up!

Well, we’re well and truly into the festive period aren’t we? Have you got your tree up yet? We have a “no tree till December rule” and and I usually leave it  couple of weeks even then so ours definitely isn’t up yet.

Anyway, here’s my round up of what I’ve been loving in November:


Usually, when I go out I either quiff my hair or I curl it and pin some of it back, they are my “go to” hairstyles for keeping it off my face when I go out but recently I’ve been loving how long my hair is and when it’s just down and straight. To help with the good blow dry I’m very lucky to have a Dyson hairdryer. Ric bought me it last year and I’d actually got out of drying my hair with a hairdryer. I got into the habit of going to bed with it wet. This month I’ve loved using my Dyson for a good blow-dry and the effects of it!

I always lovely an Urban Decay make up palette. There is something very luxurious about them and I love the themes – so creative! I have several of them but a great one for daily use is the Naked 2 palette. They are subtle and natural, hence the “naked” name! If you don’t have an Urban Decay Palette, get one on your Christmas list!



I’ve been restrained at buying for myself this month…all my shopping has been Christmas shopping for others! I did order this awesome “Mama” tee from Sew Sian though. I’m a brand rep on Instagram for her and so proud to be! Her products are beautifully embroidered and have some super cute designs for the kids. Lucas and Sienna both have personalised tops and matching ones that say “Big Bear” and “Little Bear” on.

You can get 10% off with my discount code ‘becka10’ so get clicking on the link above or find her on


I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy for years, since Season One when I fell in love with Patrick Dempsey. We’re now into Season 14 and I’ve loved the episodes this month, particularly the last one. No spoilers but if you have been a fan from the start, you’ll love seeing some familiar faces like me. 

I was so excited to see that another Louis Theroux series on my TV. That guy is awesome! I’ve watched “Love Without Limits” and “Choosing Death” so far. “Take My Baby” is on my planner but I haven’t had chance to watch it yet. I love how he takes taboo subjects and explores them so bluntly but sensitively. He usually finds the odd crazy character or two along the way. 


Ric and I actually got a couple of date nights in November! We’ve definitely been feeling pretty disconnected recently so have made a conscious effort to spend a bit of time together. Earlier in the month we went to TGI Friday’s for a cocktail (well, I did, Ric had a Sam Adams) and then we saw Bohemian Rhapsody at the Showcase cinema in Birstall. Ric wasn’t too bothered about seeing it but his mind was changed by the end. Such a good film, if you haven’t seen it…you really should! 

Our second date night had been booked a few months ago and it was to see Jason Manford “Muddle Class” at Leeds Arena. Ric had booked the tickets after he failed to come to Cirque de Soleil with me. I hadn’t seen a lot of Manford’s stand up but I’d heard a lot about his charity work so I was looking forward to it either way. The First Direct Arena was lit up beautifully with a huge tree outside, looking very festive indeed. 

I think it says a lot when you come home and your niece, who was babysitting, asks if you’ve been crying…”Yes” I said and she looked concerned “With laughter!“. Honestly, the parts about moving the weighing scales around and trying them again or about reading with your 4/5 year old had me HOWLING! Relatable comedy is the best type and I saw myself in what he was saying. 

I’ve had quite the social life in November! As I look back I realise that I had two nights out with my husband. I’ve also had two nights out with my friends too! Get me!

One with my very close, childhood friend Kelda and my bestie Stef. Kelda lives in Australia. She’s been there for 12 years! We went to see her and her family in 2016, it was awesome. I miss her terribly and they came to visit for three weeks. Within that time I managed to see them quite a bit and I also got a night out in Wakefield with Kelda. We had a brilliant time, it was actually hilarious.

My second night out was with my “Core Four”. My three best friends since school, Becky, Stef and Jo. It’s so difficult to get together these days as a four and this was our third attempt at a night out! Another great night with lots of chat, dancing and prosecco! 


Mrs Meldrum is someone I started following on Instagram before subscribing on YouTube when I liked watching her Instagram stories. She’s recently moved house and I’ve loved seeing around her new home and her decorating. Mainly because I’m super nosey with stuff like that! She lives with her husband Mr Meldrum aka Lee, and their two gorgeous girls. She’s had a bit of (pointless) stick on Instagram recently, totally undeserved, so I wanted to mention her and send some love her way. 


I’m not gonna lie…I’ve been struggling with my eating. I’ve made lovely meals but then had no restraint on the snacking or eating out. I wrote this post on Instagram mid November…

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 20.35.26

That day I went to weigh in and gave myself a talking to. I planned meals, did a food shop and started tracking again. I know CAN be in control of what I eat. My weight loss that week was 2.5lb. Then put 1.5lb back on the week after that. Honestly, I’m such a knob. I suddenly realised I have a dress to get into on the 8th December so that gave me a kick up the bum. With the weather turning colder, I’ve been enjoying a good stodgy Cottage Pie from my WW Comfort book. The mash is a mix of potato and cauliflower and it’s filled with tons of veg. It’s very healthy, filling and comforting too. 


I feel like I should just put “Read previous post” here. Will I ever finish Louise Peatland’s “Wilde Like Me”? I’d like to think I’ll finish by the end of the year…if not, maybe I should make it a New Year’s Resolution! Ha ha!

As always, let me know what you’ve been watching, wearing, reading, listening to! I love recommendations!

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