A Month With Spud

A Month With Spud

Four weeks today, Spud (nicknamed due to her potato-shaped head) shot into the world. You can read the birth story here. As expected, it’s flown by in a whirlwind of feeding, nappies and trying to navigate the world with two children. I’m hoping to document her growing up, starting with her one-month milestones!

 one month milestones

The first week was dominated by Christmas and the New Year, punctuated by visits from friends and family. We also managed some lovely time as a four. We cuddled up, watched films, playing Orchard Games with our son and we even went bowling!


Little L has adapted to having a baby sister better than either of us could have every imagined. I had so many worries whilst pregnant regarding him feeling left out or not wanting to share us etc. Luckily, he totally adores our little Spud. He is unbelievable helpful! Whether it is putting nappy bags in the bin, rocking the car seat (she’s not at fan at first) or gently pouring water over her belly in the bath. He constantly wants to kiss and cuddle her! It’s lovely but I’m struggling with the balance between letting him and her not being overwhelmed or smothered!

Our daughter is mostly chilled but is suffering with a bit of trapped wind. This manifests itself in constantly trumping, trying to trump/poo and grunting. She has took to breastfeeding like a pro! She was at her birth weight when weighed on the fourth day. This was followed by a 12oz gain within the week that followed. I have to say that I was pretty proud of my Mummy milk when I found that out! I love how chunky she is…apart from when I have to clean her smelly neck rolls – vom.

 one month milestones
one month old milestone

I was most surprised that we have also experienced her first smile in her third week! clever little sausage!

 one month milestones
one month old milestone


Sleep is better now than when I was pregnant! I will NEVER take sleeping on my tummy for granted ever again! I can get comfy and I’m content, so no crazy thoughts going round in my head caused by my anxieties in the Third Trimester. Yes, I’m woken every 1.5/2/3 hours but Spud goes straight back in her crib and I go straight back to sleep so I’m not feeling that sleep-deprived! My husband and I have a deal that he gets a full night’s sleep but has to get up with L in the morning and because he doesn’t go to work till 9:30/10am, I can get an extra hour or so sleep then if I need it.

The best thing about this first month has definitely been watching the bond between our son and daughter. I didn’t expect it to be so soon but L’s love for his little sister is undeniable. S looks at her big brother when he talks so obviously recognises his voice from when he chatted to her when she was “on the inside”.

 one month milestones

Finding things hard

The hardest thing about the last month? Probably the evenings or days when it’s just me and the kids. Once we fall back into a routine it will be fine. We’re lucky that Little L is a star at bedtime and knows his routine but is also at the age that an extra five minutes won’t matter too much. I’m trying to make sure he knows I’m still available for him. Even if feeding so he doesn’t think his sister has taken his Mummy. I’m still being able to give him cuddles, read a book etc but it’s definitely a juggling act. I’m hoping will get easier with time.

One to Two

One thing is for sure, Little Miss Potato Head has completed our family. So far, the jump from three to four hasn’t been too harrowing. In fact, the baby is easier than the three-year-old on some days, although I doubt that will be the case when teething hits!

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  1. This is lovely to read that it’s not all hard and grim. Contemplating trying for our 2nd but very similar worries. 1st wasn’t a great sleeper but it’s nice to hear there’s light in the tunnel. May the happiness continue for you guys. X

  2. aw im sure you will get back in to a routine that works soon. Lol re sleeping on your tummy. i missed that too. at least just the option! your post is making me super broody. id love a second! thanks so much for joining #KCACOLS ! come back again!

  3. Aww, she is gorgeous! The photos are just too cute! It seems that you are doing pretty well for your 1st month. I love to see the bond between siblings. It is lovely! He is such a cute big brother! You have a beautiful family! 🙂 xx #kcacols

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