One Year Of Becka’s Bubble

On the 1st of September 2018, Becka’s Bubble – parenting and lifestyle blog- hit the World Wide Web. Ex teacher, mummy blogger and, at the time, Stay At Home Mum. It was the next chapter of my blogging adventure. I began with this post which explains why I decided to start again. It was definitely a nerve wrecking time. I wasn’t sure if I should have just revamped by old blog rather than starting again.

Building A Brand

One year on, I’m glad I started again. The aim was to be more consistent and organised. I wanted a “brand” that I could build and I feel like I’m getting there with that.

I ended up redesigning my website because I went self hosted and it totally jigged everything up! Since this change I’ve focused less on writing posts and more on improving the SEO of the site and my posts. If you’ve read my ‘Change‘ post, you’ll know my new job is in social media and SEO. I’m using what I’m learning within my personal blogging. My lovely logo that my friend designed for me has been my base for everything. I’d love to use more of the pop art theme through out my blog. Unfortunately there isn’t enough free images for it so I use it where appropriate, like my Stereotype post. The parenting and lifestyle blog is popular. All i can do is me and hope people like it!


Social Media

Instagram remains my favourite social media and I’m over the moon that I am almost at 3K followers on there. It was my aim to be there by the end of the year and it’s looking likely. More importantly my engagement rate stays between 3/4% which is classed as good/high engagement. To be honest, I focus on this number more than my followers.

The community on Instagram is bloody brilliant. There are so many wonderful, interesting, supportive and kind people on there. More recently I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of them at the Northern Bloggers Meet Up. I also now have a wonderful friend, Gemma aka Life Of a Mumsy Lawyer. We see each other regularly and we’re going to Blog On Conference together – so excited! I love seeing what my Instabuddies are up to and I get so many ideas for holidays and days out!


One of the reasons why I started blogging was as a creative outlet. Being a drama teacher for years meant I was used to using my imagination and my brain! I love creating content for businesses. I enjoy experimenting with ideas for grid photos and making sure their products are shown honestly via stories. I’ve started using an app called StoryArt which makes my stories look a little more professional. This is great for brand work and featured stuff such as days out we have. Luckily they have a design thats the exact same colours as my logo! It fits perfectly with the brand I was talking about building previously.

bloggers bible

I’ve been really happy to be approached by brands such as Coral Island, My Name Tags and Stationery Geek recently to work with them. I always feel honoured that a company likes my work enough to want be to promote their products. It’s even better when they get business from it. I was ecstatic when Stationery Geek got about ten orders for their Blogger’s Bible within 48 hours of me posting about it. I love helping small businesses who have fabulous products. In fact, there will be a full blog post on the wonderful Sew Sian who I brand rep for this month so watch this space!

coral island

I’ve got some more exciting opportunities coming my way in the next few months! Honestly, I am so grateful for them. It’s amazing that I’m able to give my family great experiences and days out.

Thank You

So I just want to end this post by saying a big “thank you”. I appreciate everyone who reads my blog posts. It’s fab that people take the time to like or comment on my Facebook and Instagram posts. The world of parenting and lifestyle blogs is huge with lots of competition so I’m always thankful when someone chooses mine. If I get a message saying you’ve read something and can identify I’m proper chuffed! I’m grateful for my family and friends, who openly say that don’t get the whole blogging/Instagram world! Nevertheless, they still support me. I really do adore my bubble. Sitting here, on the sofa, with my Macbook on my knee is my little bit of me time. My self care. It keeps me sane! So thanks, for keeping me from going crackers!

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