Reel Cinema Wakefield is REEL good!

Reel Cinema Wakefield is REEL good!

Ric and I are polar opposites in so many ways. However one thing we have in common is we love a trip to the cinema! Watching films together has always been our way to spend some time together. Some day it’s anti-social but we love it. Now Lucas is getting older he is taking after us which is great! Unfortunately the cinema prices have gone up A LOT since Ric and I first began dating. This fact alone is making it less affordable for families to enjoy new films in the cinema. A family ticket for our local Cineworld is £30.80. By the time you’ve added in snacks and drinks, you’re looking at £50/60! Not being funny, but we could have a whole day out for £60! Luckily, times are changing and the new Reel Cinema Wakefield has arrived in The Ridings!

Reel Cinema Wakefield

Mummy and Lucas’ Day Of Fun!

We were kindly gifted some tickets and what better day to use them than Lucas’ final day of the summer! So at 10am, “Mummy and Lucas’ Day Of Fun” began (If you didn’t read this in Janice’s voice, who even are you?!). Our day began with a pancake breakfast before heading into Wakefield for our midday film – Angry Birds 2!

Mummy and Lucas

The Ridings

As it’s in a shopping centre, they’ve done a really good job of creating a colourful seating area outside it. Pastel coloured barrels create chairs and tables as well as a train which was put together when the cinema opened. You can validate your parking token in the cinema so you get three hours free. Therefore you can’t let the cost of parking put you off visiting!

Ticket Prices

The biggest appeal of Reel Cinema to me is the ticket prices. It is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than other local cinemas. This means that as Sienna gets older, we can all enjoy the cinema without it breaking the bank! A family ticket (one adult/three children or two adults/two children) for just £22! An adult ticket is just £6.50 and a child’s ticket is £5.50. This is about £2pp cheaper! You find the full price list here.


The main things I look forward to at the cinema are the pick ‘n’ mix and a Tango Ice Blast so I was hoping for both! I wasn’t disappointed! If you visit Reel Cinema you don’t have to worry about your kids filling a bag up with sweets and it costing a million pounds. Reel Cinema Wakefield have cups to fill in a couple of different sizes. A small cup is just £1.90 and the larger cup £2.90! Bargain! Tango Ice Blasts come in four different flavours. I’m a fan of the more traditional cherry and raspberry flavour.

In addition they have hot dogs, popcorn, chocolate and an array of sweets like Nerds and other delights! A children’s combo is £3. It includes popcorn, a drink and a chocolate treat. Lucas and I got pick ‘n’ mix each (which we mostly took home) a popcorn, Tango Ice Blast and a juice in an Angry Birds cup and it came to about £15. It would have been about a tenner if I hadn’t been persuaded to buy the special cup by my son’s big brown eyes.

Consessions Reel Cinema Wakefield


I know what you’re all thinking

“If it’s cheaper, is it more basic?”

Nope! The only difference I see between Reel Cinema and other branded cinema is bigger screens and fancy seats. These are two elements I’m really not bothered about if I’m honest. We were in Screen One which held about 40 people. I quite liked a smaller screen and I think it suited Lucas better as it was less overwhelming. As for the seats, they were really comfortable. They didn’t recline but does it really matter? I didn’t get a numb bum so the seats get my seal of approval.

A Positive Addition

I’ve lived in Wakefield all my life. I’ve seen it change a lot. I know a lot of people grumbled when it was announced there was a new cinema.

“We’ve already got a cinema!”

I genuinely believe that Reel Cinema is a positive addition to Wakefield City Centre. It’s a great cinema but more importantly, it’s affordable! Teenagers will actually be able to spend their pocket money going to the cinema like I did. Grandparents will be able to treat their grandchildren. A family of four will be able to make a rainy day fun without needing to take out a second mortgage. Ok, I’m exaggerating but you get the picture!

The Roversi’s will definitely be back to Reel Cinema. I also might pop in for a Tango Ice Blast now and then too. 😉

Tango Ice Blast

Have you got a Reel Cinema near you? Do you find the rising cost of the cinema puts you off going? Have you visited our Reel Cinema yet (if you’re from Wakefield)? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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This post is a collaboration with Reel Cinema however all opinions are my own.

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