Sienna At Two

Sienna has made it to two years old. A fully-fledged toddler and the Terrible Twos are here! When I reflect back on the year I sometimes wonder how she made it to two! These posts aren’t really the most exciting of posts but I like to write them to document her progression. I promise I won’t ramble on for too long. When she turned one, she still felt like a baby. Very quickly that changed and before I knew it, my baby girl was a fully-fledged toddler! 

Terrible Twos

I’m not worried about her being a toddler and the tantrums that come with it. . Lucas never really had them. Sienna started them early at around eighteen months! We are well practised in tantrums and demanding behaviour. That’s not to say we always get it right. 

Sweet But Psycho

This song came out in 2019 and every time I sang along to it I thought of Sienna. The title describes her perfectly. One minute she is the most adorable, hilarious little girl and the next minute she’s laid on her belly on the floor screaming, hitting and shouting because she can’t get her own way. You never know which you’re going to get and usually, a day consists of both several times. 

The Sweet Side

A cute thing that Sienna has been doing over the last few months is putting her arms around my neck and kissing me on the lips. It’s a proper “mwah!” kiss and it’s lovely because I don’t ask her to kiss me. She just does it and it’s heartwarming that she’s learning to show affection. The other person she loves showing affection to is Lucas and will regularly curl up on the sofa next to him, her head resting on his shoulder.

terrible twos

Sienna loves her babies and it’s so sweet to watch her play with them. She got a changing bag, bed and high chair for her birthday/Christmas and loves feeding them, putting them to bed and sticking their dummy in. 

Psycho Side

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t see this side of her much. It’s every day at some point and I’m learning as a mother how to avoid tantrums without giving Sienna her own way all the time. It’s not easy though. She has started to do an angry growl when she is told “No” which is both scary and funny! She squeals, cries, throws herself on the floor and hits herself. The latter I hate but the Health Visitor told me to just ignore it. 

I guess her Psycho side is what everyone means when they talk about the terrible twos. I’m comforted by the fact that most people experience it and more so, that it seems to happen more extremely with second children.


Sienna is full of fun and loves pretending to be a monster, chasing her brother about or playing with her Peppa Pig toys. She likes to draw and colour in – she impressed the health visitor recently with how well she holds a pencil or crayon. Proud moment for me. She rarely independently plays, preferring me to sit on the floor with her. Whilst I don’t actually have to “play”, she just likes me nearby. Most pleasing to me, Sienna loves to dance! Baby shark, Cotton Eye Joe, Milkshake – she can shake her booty like her Mum!


Like her brother. She enjoys playing a bit more rough with Daddy and takes great pleasure in jumping on him and climbing all over him. Sienna is a TV Addict. Something that doesn’t sit overly comfortably with me but she DOESN’T nag to watch it, she just would happily watch TV all day. Obviously I don’t let her! 


Sienna lives for food. I don’t know where she gets it from – haha! The girl eats every few hours. Her usual routine is breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, tea and then sometimes a biscuit before bed. 

She eats pretty much anything I give her but isn’t a massive fan of broccoli or meat on its own. I find this really interesting because, when Lucas was a toddler, he only ate the veg of a Sunday dinner. She loves curry, spaghetti bolognaise, pasta bake etc. She would eat plain pasta forever! 

Recently she has found her taste for chocolate. With both kids, we didn’t give them any until they were over one. Even when I did give Sienna some, she wasn’t bothered. In the last few months, she has realised how delicious it is! It’s a great bribery! 


I’m no expert but overall Sienna seems to be developing well. She walks, runs, has just learnt to jump with two feet and climbs confidently (thanks to Tumble Tots!). She is a confidently little thing and is great at copying marks I make on paper. Her speech was the only thing I was a little worried about. Comparing to Lucas, she isn’t speaking as well as he did at two. The Health Visitor isn’t concerned. She can communicate and her words are developing day by day. I can probably understand her better than anyone and I joke that she tends to talk in sound effects more than words sometimes! For example, she makes an “Ahhh” sound when she wants a drink and says “nom” when she wants something to eat…usually whilst pointing to her tongue! 


Her social skills are really improving and she is forming friendships. At nursery her friend Edie she affectionately calls “Di-Di” and coincidently, her friend at dancing is also called Edie! I was even told by her key worker the other day that she had been “smooching” an older boy at nursery! Her main and most special bond is with Lucas who, despite hitting daily, she really does adore. The way she looks at him makes me melt. Sienna can’t say Lucas so calls him “Gla-Gla” which is “brother”. 

So there you go, a little run down of Sienna at two. More for me to look back on than anything else but if you have a two-year-old, you might see some similarities. How are you dealing with the terrible twos? You can find daily updates on Sienna and Lucas over on Instagram. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too!

If you’ve like to read more about my second born, you can read her birth story and an update on her at one year old.

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