So You’re Going To Have A Christmas Baby…

When I found out Sienna was going to be a December baby, I didn’t think about it in too much detail. Obviously there was the initial “oooh near Christmas” but I don’t think I contemplated how near until the due date crept up on us. Lucas was born eleven days early (on my 30th birthday – not ideal) so I was betting on the second arriving early too however, as time grew nearer, it dawned on me that that might not happen and only one week later it was Christmas Day.  Given my luck on the day I went into labour with Lucas, I could totally see it happening on the 25thand the thought really upset me, which no one really understood.

We were lucky that she arrived on the 21st December. Two days late and yes, close to Christmas. It will be rubbish for her in future years, but at least it wasn’t the day itself.

So I thought I’d write six points for having a Christmas baby, after all, I’m pretty well qualified 🙂

People make Christmas based name suggestions. 

Holly, Noel, Eve, Angel, Carol, Joseph, Mary….the suggestions were endless. Not that I asked any for baby name ideas! The name is the one thing Ric and I wanted to keep completely secret was the name. We did with Lucas too. My response was usually along the lines of “We were thinking Jesus or Tinsel!”I have nothing against those that call their child something Christmas themed. It just wasn’t for us. 

The thought of going into labour on Christmas day gives you anxiety.

In my opinion, it’s got to be a bit shit having your birthday around Christmas, let alone ON Christmas Day! It got to the point where I nearly had to be pinned down if anyone else said

“Awww wouldn’t a Christmas day baby belovely/cute/special!”

No, no it wouldn’t. It wouldn’t because that baby will never get to celebrate his/her birthday properly every year. It wouldn’t because I have another child. A child who is excited for Santa coming and who I want to see open his presents. No it WOULDN’T because I missed my birthday and I’m not missing Christmas too!!!! (I had Lucas on my birthday) As you can tell,I was pretty furious about this! I was also highly emotional at the thought of missing Xmas Day with Lucas. People didn’t get it

“Ah he won’t care, he’s be getting his baby sister”

Luckily I knew someone who was due a week before me. We could chat about these frustrations and it saved me shouting at my nearest and dearest.

There are endless ideas for painting your bump as something Christmassy.

This wasn’t something I ever considered when I was pregnant with Lucas. When I was cooking Sienna, I did a face-painting course with Donna’s Face Painting. Donna offered to paint my bump when it was bigger. I thought “Why not?!” The possibilities are endless….something pink and girlie (we knew we were having agirl), a Christmas pudding (hilarious), Santa (slightly weird?)…then a settled on a snow globe idea with a wintery scene. I sent Donna the ideas and she did the rest!

You can eat as much as you like guilt free but the traditional (and best) Christmas delights are off limits.

Fill your boots with turkey, veggies, Christmas pudding, mince pies and chocolates! The crappy bit about being pregnant at Christmas is that the cheese board (well, the best cheese) and the booze is off limits! I remember hoping that Sienna came before Christmas for many reasons. One huge one was that I could have a Bailey’s on Christmas day! It was amazing when I did! Oh and I counteracted not being able to eat cheese in the run up to the big day by eating whole boxes of After Eights. *holds head in shame*

Wrapping presents is almost impossible.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll sit on the floor. Surrounded by paper, ribbons, bows and any other gubbins needed to wrap the million and one presents you’ve bought.  Well, add a huge full term bump to the mix and it is near on impossible. Getting sat on the floor isn’t too bad. Trying to get up is another matter. You can’t really lean forward either, or get near to anything, then you’re back starts to ache…it’s not pleasant. Alternatively, if you stand at a table it’s not much better!

Christmas Themed Baby Clothes

This is a positive one. One of the best things about havinga baby is dressing them up in themed outfits. Halloween – pumpkin. Easter –bunny. Christmas – reindeer/pudding/Christmas tree….Christmas is the best one because there are sooooooo many options. Sienna, only three days old, wore three outfits on Christmas day. The main one, a red baby grow with a tutu and reindeer design was far from practical. She looked all fussy and uncomfortable so we changed after about an hour – ha ha! This year she has a super cute Christmas tree outfit. It has a tutu again (with pom poms in it) but she’s older and stockier so can deal with it.

If you’re expecting a Christmas baby, I hope this post makes you laugh, gives you support and prepares you. If you’ve had a Christmas baby, is there anything you would add to the list?

I’d love to hear about your festive babies so comment below or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Merry Christmas! For more festive posts, try The Christmas Tag or Roversi Christmas Traditions.

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  1. Ah these are true! my baby isn’t due until early feb but i’m still feeling a lot of these – no Christmas drinks or squishy cheese. And all presents i get will of course be for the baby ! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

  2. I’d never thought about the struggle to wrap presents whilst heavily pregnant but I can imagine it! I feel your pain, I would HATE to be in labour on my birthday OR at Christmas! My daughter was due a week after my son’s birthday and I was so worried I’d miss it, people kept saying ‘oh he won’t mind, he’ll get a sister’ but I’d mind!! #KCACOLS

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