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The One to One Diet

Last month I shared that I had begun quietly losing weight since the beginning of 2021. I spoke about why i did it quietly, why I wanted to lose weight, how I did and what the plan was for moving forward. However I didn’t say a lot about The One to One Diet and I’d like to share more on that now.

I want to start by saying I am not asking for anyone’s opinion on this plan. I know everyone has opinions on a variety of different plans, me included. However, I don’t want to hear them. It’s been my choice as a grown adult as it’s worked for me. 

Why The One to One Diet?

I had dabbled with The One To One Diet before. If I’m honest, I went into it hoping for a “quick fix” before I went on holiday. My friend Nicola is a consultant and only lives around the corner so it was easily available to me. However, this time it wasn’t about a quick fix and I knew I didn’t want to do the lowest steps. If I’m honest, it was about having a strict plan that didn’t require a lot of cooking. One of the school mums, Stacey, posted her dramatic weight loss on Facebook and I realised she was the same size as me when she started and was down to a size 10. My aim was a size 12 and she was the inspiration I needed.

The One to One Diet | 1 to 1 Diet \ Yorkshire Mum

I contacted Nicola and we had a chat. I told her that I couldn’t just eat packet food all the time and needed “real food” so we decided that Step 2 would be a good starting point for me. Three Cambridge Diet Plan products a day and one 200 calorie meal. I could eat proper food for tea but have the convenience of the products for breakfast, lunch and my evening snack. Perfect! 

The Plan

There are six steps to the plan so you can decide which is best for you based on how many products you want to eat and how much “real food” you want to eat. The idea is you start lower to kick start your weight loss then move up the steps to the point of maintaining. Honestly, I’ve stayed at Step 2 all the way through. Only recently moving to Step 3 as restaurants reopen and I need more calories or “real food” to play with. Step Two worked for me. I got into a routine, found it convenient to eat products throughout the day and looked forward to my tea. 

I was ready to take this step and the steady weight loss each week spurred me on. I’ve had a couple of “off plan” days – Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – and a couple of evenings where I have fallen off the wagon but you know what? It was then that I realised my mind set was changing. I got straight back on plan. The products are great! I find that the porridge really fills me up for the day. My favourite sachet meal is the Mac and Cheese or Spaghetti Bolognese and my favourite bar is Chocolate Orange. I tend to avoid shakes and soups as I like to eat my food and not drink it but I have tried them and they are tasty. 

The One to One Diet | 1 to 1 Diet \ Yorkshire Mum

What Have I Learnt?

  • “You are not a dog, you don’t need to treat yourself with food.” This is what Nicola says and she is totally right. I don’t need to. I can treat myself with new clothes, a nail/hair appointment, a bath bomb and self care session. These are more likely to make me feel good than binging on food where I will feel good for 5 minutes then feel crap after. 
  • “You don’t get rid of the whole bunch of flowers because one flower dies.” So I have a day or meal off plan for a special occasion, that doesn’t mean I need to be off plan for the entire week! This is what I would do time and time again. Each time I’ve had a meal or day off plan this year, I’ve been straight back on plan the next day. It felt good knowing I could do that and have that control. It’s wobbled a bit recently but I know I’ll get there. 
  • Non-scale victories are amazing. Sometimes these victories feel better than seeing the numbers go down. When I was comfortably back into my size 14 jeans I felt AMAZING! I had one pair that I tried on in January and I couldn’t get them past my hips, by March I had them zipped up and I was strutting my stuff in them! When I got into size 12 stuff I was over the moon! 
  • It’s not forever! I kept telling myself that this was just while I lost weight and once I got there, I would build up my calorie intake so I was eating a healthy diet and maintaining my loss. Step 2 was a means to an end and the start of a more balanced lifestyle. 

Tips for being successful

  • Drink, drink, drink! It is recommended that you drink 2.5litres of water a day. The One to One Diet does water flavouring if you’re like me and can’t stand drinking water. I bought a Contigo 32oz water bottle and made sure I had at least two a day, sometimes three. In the beginning, I challenged myself to drink one before lunch, one before tea and maybe half in the evening. Now it’s like second nature. 
  • Have a routine. I thrive off a routine so it really helped me. 
    • Breakfast around 9am
    • Lunch between 12 and 1pm
    • 200 calorie meal while the kids eat about 5ish 
    • A bar in the evening between 7-8pm. 
  • Stay busy! There is no point sitting around thinking about what you can’t eat when you’re trying to lose weight. Take up hobbies or find things to keep you busy. I clean out cupboards, take a bath, write blog posts, play Animal Crossing etc. 
  • Find your weak spot. For me, evenings are always the time I get the urge to snack and binge. The main reason why Step 2 works for me personally is because I can save the third product (always a bar or the Salted Caramel Bites) for the evening to enjoy while I’m watching TV. 
  • Measurements over scales. Sometimes you can have had a super week on plan but the scales don’t show it. It’s frustrating and it’s when I’ve been known to give up. This time I took my measurements every week which I have never done before. The one week I did only lose a pound, I’d made a considerable impact on my inches. It was great motivation. 

I’m so glad I made the decision to start The One To One Diet. I know it’s not for everyone but, after over a decade, I finally like what I see in the mirror and that feels amazing. If you’d like more information, you can head over to the One To One website or contact my consultant, Nicola. If you’re interested in seeing more of my weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey, you can follow me on Instagram!

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