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Ages ago, I asked on Instagram (where I reside 90% of the time) what posts people would like to see on the blog. One of the responses was about our routine. Initially I thought “Why is our routine interesting or different to anyone else?” but then I thought that, actually, we have an unconventional life. My routine with two children works around my husbands working hours. I suppose our routine is slightly different. I’ve decided to focus on weekdays as routine. It’s a little more relaxed on weekends and Monday’s when Ric is off work.

Lucas and Sienna sat together. Lucas has his arm around Sienna. They are in matching coloured outfits.


Both my husband and I have never been morning people! Before we had kids, if anyone asked to meet before lunch time we looked at them like they were insane. I didn’t always sleep, but I loved laying on the sofa in my pyjamas and dressing gown, watching TV.

Post children our mornings are more frantic, especially now Lucas is at school. We try to share out who gets up with the kids and let the other sleep in. Ric works long days but if I’ve been up a lot in the night, I get the extra sleep. The reason is that his nights are uninterrupted. Since Sienna started sleeping through, I do most of the mornings. I guess this part of the day is where a routine with two children and two adults is most affective.


Sienna wakes up any time between these two times usually. Lucas has a GroClock so doesn’t come out of his bedroom till 7am. If he wakes up before then, he plays in his bedroom. Whoever gets up with them, goes downstairs and sorts their breakfast out.


By this time, both of us are up. The one not sorting the kids out, gets up and has a shower etc. Usually the person who has been showered first, takes Lucas to school. Occasionally Sienna goes along for the ride which keeps her going till nap time.

Lucas with his arms wide, in his school uniform. Red t-shirt and grey trousers.

The mornings are the best part about Ric working the hours that he does. He doesn’t leave for work till 9:30/10am. I don’t have to do the school run solo which I SO appreciate! My main aim on a morning is to be ready by the time he goes to work. Then I can get on with things during the day or I’m decent enough to leave the house! When I worked, I had to leave by 7:30am so I didn’t even see Ric and Lucas. He sorted them both out and took him to nursery. I know a lot of people would love help on a morning so I don’t take that for granted.


It depends on the day but usually, Sienna and I just tend to potter about:

  • seeing friends
  • going to the shops when “needed”
  • visiting a couple of classes.
Dark picture. Sienna laid on her front sleeping.

Since hitting nine months, Sienna seems to have dropped to just one nap where possible. She prefers to nap on a morning and naps the best in her cot. I try stay in and let her have that good nap. It means she’s happier in the afternoon and I get loads done while she’s asleep.

Saying that, I said I’ve never pass up on things to do just because of her nap time. On Tuesdays (Weight Watchers) and Thursdays (Relax and Sing class) she doesn’t nap at the usual time. They are both at 10am. Usually I can keep her going till after them. In WW meetings she likes to show off to all the ladies and enjoys the attention. In R&S, there is no way she would sleep as one of her favourite things is playing with her friends! And Corinna’s singing! I’m lucky that Sienna is quite adaptable. During the day if she doesn’t get much of a nap in the morning, for whatever reason, she will nap at lunch instead. The good thing about this routine with two children is that when Lucas is home, it gives him a little Mummy time too.

Lilac walls and butterfry fairy lights. A white cot with sienna stood up smiling after her nap.

Lunch time for Sienna! If she’s not napping. See my weaning post for more information on what she eats.


On Monday, Thursday and Friday, I get Sienna ready to set off to school to pick Lucas up at 3:20pm. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he finishes at 4:20 so Sienna and I get an extra hour to run errands. When we get back from the school run, Lucas literally spends most of his time saying he’s hungry. I have a snack box with things he can help himself to before tea. Let me know if you want a post on whats in it!

Lucas leaning on the fence on the school run, waiting for Mummy to catch up.

Sometimes I eat with the kids if I’m really hungry. Occasionally I find it a little early to be eating. It used to be more 5/5:30pm but, as I mentioned, Lucas comes home from school starving so I moved it forward a bit. It’s working better for us. I’m currently trying out new recipes so I usually make them something different, that I know they will eat. I let them try mine so that I don’t waste food and I know for future meals.


Our bedtime routine is not set in stone. Sometimes the timing may change slightly but the routine is still the same.

Lucas and Sienna in the bath with stars over their privates!

Bath time is every other night and the kids bath together while they’re still young. Both LOVE bath time and it’s lovely to see them play together and splash about.

I’m not going to lie, bath time alone with two children when pregnant with Sienna filled me with fear. I swore I would only bath both of them together on days that I had either Ric or my Mum around. I’m pleased to say that I became more confident with this aspect of parenting two children. It mostly runs smoothly. I tend to get them both washed then take Sienna out and get her ready for bed while Lucas plays a little longer. He gets out when I shout and gets ready for bed. I’m glad I focused on making him more independent when I was pregnant. Occasionally he likes to get out at the same time as Sienna so he is able to sort himself out alone.


We all come downstairs, I’m usually in my pyjamas by then too. Lucas gets a cup of milk and a biscuit for supper. They both watch CBeebies, Lucas isn’t too impressed about watching In The Night Garden but Sienna loves it. He used to watch it when he was a baba. Sometimes he will play instead, or if his little sister would prefer to crawl about, I put Paw Patrol or Blaze on for him.


Bottle is made and I take Sienna upstairs where we sit in the armchair in the dark while she has her milk. I put her down in her cot silently and leave. If she hasn’t fallen asleep on the bottle, she usually will fall asleep pretty quickly once in the cot with her comfort blanket and her sleeping bag.

Lucas sat cross legged with his onesie on.

Lucas’ bedtime on a school night. He cleans his teeth and goes to the toilet. Then puts his pull up on (we’re still not dry on a night but I’m not overly worried yet). We have a cuddle in bed while I read him a story then it’s dream time. He rarely plays up and loves his sleep as much as his parents! I’m thankful for this!

It’s always been so important to me that the kids have good bedtimes because I’m solo Tuesday to Saturday. As much as I don’t think you should be held to it strictly, I think that is necessary to have routine with two children. It means I get my evening to myself. I tidy up from the day, eat if I haven’t already, watch TV, read or blog. I’m also extremely thankful that, around 10.5 months old, Sienna started sleeping through the night. I didn’t do anything, it’s been a natural thing. I know she doesn’t need milk during the night. When she stirs I just go in and put her dummy in and leave. Sometimes she cries a little but she settled quickly. It takes longer if I stay in the room with her so it’s best to leave her to it.

So that’s it! Our routine with two children!

I think it’s all pretty standard but if you have any questions about it, please ask away! Also, I’d love to hear about your routine with two children. Comment below or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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  1. This is awesome and a lot like my routine! I have got to get both my boys to bed by 6 or 6:15 or they are almost impossible in the mornings. They don’t fight me very often especially since my oldest started school and we have to be up by 5:30. Evenings are usually me time for me as well! 🙂 #KCACOLS

  2. My boys are all grown up now so I have the luxury of getting up anytime I want in the mornings and go to bed way past midnight. Yep, my routine was a lot like your when they were little.


  3. You’re running a pretty tight ship there, good on you! Having the evenings to yourself sounds pretty awesome… Unfortunately for me, I generally need for sleep than my son does (or at least as much as him), so there’s hardly ever any child-free time in this household! But I do love his company, so that’s okay 🙂
    Thanks so much for linking up with #KCACOLS, hope you com back again next time x

  4. I wish I could get my boys to bed and asleep quickly, at the moment they are taking ages to fall asleep. Sounds like you have a great routine. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

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