Three Months with Spud

Three Months with Spud

Three months, almost 13 weeks in the world. Christmas seems like a lifetime ago yet when you say “three months” it doesn’t sound like long at all. I know a lot of people say it but it’s hard to imagine life without her. 

Her big brother has taken to his role like a duck to water. I’d go as far as to say he is a little obsessed with her and as much as I love that he cares about her so much, it’s also a little difficult as I seem to spend most of my time asking him to back off a little! He is constantly in her face, kissing her, cuddling her. I think some of it is to get our attention if we are giving her attention but I also think that, because she doesn’t do a lot, he isn’t sure how to interact with her. My husband has even taken to talking for her in a silly voice so he can have a chat with her. Little L is incredibly proud of his little sister and tells everyone about her, which is super cute! I couldn’t really ask for a better transition from only child to sibling. 


When people meet Spud they are usually surprised by her age as she is in the 98th percentile for her weight (little chunk!). The health visitor came on Monday and she weighed 15lb 6ozShe is very alert and loves sitting up and looking around. e5a06430-6bc4-49bb-8e41-7663027a6679_1.95116c24c15d32e175b588c799d7ff59Occasionally her head is a little wobbly but, on the whole, she is controlling it really well. She’s not a massive fan of tummy time when you put her on her play mat but when youlay her over your thighs, she quite likes it. Speaking of the play mat, I bought a Bright Starts Light Up Lagoon because she loves the fairy lights on our headboard and it was a good choice. She is mesmerised by her lights flashing and I lay her on the Poddle Pod so she is higher up then she can reach the butterfly, elephant etc that is hanging down. I’ve noticed a really difference in her ability to control her arms and hands and she actually plays with it, hitting them and trying to grab them. For three months old, I’m hugely impressed by this! 

One of my favourite things is her amazing little smile. She is interacting so much more with people and it makes my heart burst when I look in her crib on a morning and she grins at me. Spud is such a happy little girl and, to my great delight, she loves a sing-song. We have been to a couple of music sessions, Jo Jingles and also an independent one at the local church hall. She is stimulated by the singing and dancing and I see her biggest smile when I sing and bob her up and down on my lap. There are times when you can tell she wants to laugh but doesn’t quite know how yet – bless her! 

I am still exclusively breastfeeding Spud. She has taken a couple of bottles of expressed milk which I’m pleased about as I have tickets to the theatre at the end of March so need her to take a bottle. I’ve noticed that she only feeds well from it when she’s really hungry, i.e. she hasn’t been fed for a good couple of hours. I am really proud that I have managed to feed Spud myself and she is thriving. My husband is convinced that my milk is actually cream with our daughters chubbiness! I feel very lucky that she has took to it so well and she’s not been overly demanding. After the initial cluster feeding to get my milk in, she feeds every two or three hours and only for about ten minutes maximum. I always said that if I had a baby that constantly wanted to be on the boob, i would formula feed as I didn’t know how I would be able to do it and give our son my time too. 

Chunky Monkey

With having a lot of mum friends and witnessing a range of babies with different feeding and sleeping habits, I know that I am very lucky to have such chilled out children who like their sleep. Little L always slept well, even though he didn’t sleep through the night till ten months, he never was one for partying in the night and his sister is the same. She stirs to be fed but barely even wakes and happily goes back in her sleepyhead. When they are young, I like to go with the flow and what baby wants, again it’s extremely lucky that our daughter has naturally fallen into her own routine of going to bed around the same time as her big brother so Mummy actually gets some time back in the evening! She started going to sleep between 7pm and 8pm and waking between 11pm and midnight which is when I would do the last nappy change, put her in her sleeping bag and feed her. More recently she’s been stirring anywhere between 11pm and 1:30am then around 3/4am, 6am and then 7/7:30am. I’m sleeping well in-between and I swear that some night feeds I do half asleep but I’m not feeling too sleep deprived and I know how much worse the nights could be so I’m appreciating what I have

I swear she has narcolepsy, she falls asleep anywhere!

I’m wondering about moving Spud into her own room. I did it with L at ten weeks, but only because every noise he made woke me up. I don’t have that problem with S so I’m not bothered about her being in our room. In the last week I‘ve started putting her to bed in the Sleepyhead in her cotbed in her room but I move her to the crib in our room when I go to bed. While I’m feeding her in the night, I can’t see any point in having to sleep walk through to her bedroom but maybe the crib is getting a little small for her with the Sleepyhead. I’d love your thoughts on this, please leave them in the comment box below or on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram


The other day someone asked me if I found having two children hard. Due to the nature of my children, I’m not finding it hard as such. I have to be organised and there are times when I feel guilty for not being able to give Little L my full attention because I am dealing with Spud but I’m accepting that guilt is a normal emotion as a parent. It makes it easier that big brother is in pre-school three days a week and the hubby is around two days a week. I’m currently waiting for the four month sleep regression when, no doubt, I’ll be going back on what I said in the previous paragraph! 


Watch this space for Spud’s 6 month update! 

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  1. This is such a lovely progress update. As you know already, little Eco is due to become a big brother in June please God and whilst I know he’ll adapt well to his new role with his ever caring, loving personality I too am feeling major mum guilt at having another sibling close in age. Keep up the great work at exclusively breastfeeding Spud, I managed 19 months before finally weaning him off (nursing a toddler is a completely different ballgame) Thanks for sharing and hope to see you here again soon X #KCACOLS

  2. Oh my gosh, what a cutie – that cheeky smile! Also, I’m loving the look of the Bright Starts Light Up Lagoon. My daughter would have loved that, she was so obsessed with anything that lit up! #KCACOLS

  3. So happy to meet Spud. So cute! The pictures of her and her older brother are lovely. It’s great that both siblings get on so well . #KCACOLS

  4. What an adorable smile! It’s beautiful that they have such a good relationship already. My son has been in the 98th percentile since about 6 weeks too (now at 12 months and almost 30lbs!) so I got people expecting him to be twice his age too. #KCACOLS

  5. That little smile is beautiful. She looks like the happiest little girl and her big brother sounds like he’s gonna protect her for life. Bless them.


  6. She looks like such a smiley happy baby – gorgeous!! It sounds like you’ve all gotten into a nice routine. Like you, I was lucky with both my boys and they slept well. It makes everything so much easier when you’ve managed to have a chunk of sleep doesn’t it! #KCACOLS

  7. Gorgeous pictures, lovely to see the progress spud is making. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

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