Tumble Tots Wakefield – Round 2

As we start back today after a few weeks off Tumble Tots Wakefield, it’s good time to write about our experience. This is Tumble Tots Round 2!

Tumble Tots Wakefield

Let’s Go Back To The Beginning

Tumble Tots Wakefield

At fifteen months, Lucas started at Tumble Tots because he was trying to climb EVERYTHING. We continued with weekly term time sessions for two years and three months. The decision to finish the sessions was not an easy one. With Lucas starting school and the idea of starting swimming lessons, he had his last session on 13th December 2017. Luckily, eight days later, his little sister was born and I knew it wouldn’t be long before we saw Angela and the rest of the Tumble Tots Wakefield gang again.

Tumble Tots Wakefield

The Programme

For those that haven’t heard of Tumble Tots, let me give you a little more information. Their aim is to build self confidence by helping develop the physical learning of a child, focusing on general motor skills, social awareness, self assurance and self discipline. Each week a range of equipment is set up which the children can climb on, over, under and through, With this they develop agility and balance. The equipment is changed fortnightly to keep the children interested and develop a range of skills and there are trained leader on certain apparatus to ensure that the children are climbing in the safest way possible

Sessions are split into age ranges:

  • Six months to walking
  • Walking to Two Years
  • Two to Three years
  • Three Years to School Age

Different Child Different Experience

Sienna’s first session was super exciting. I assumed she would love it. Just like Lucas had! Unfortunately, Sienna had other ideas and since that day, I have realised that Sienna is going to be her own person and probably the complete opposite of her brother!

Tumble Tots Wakefield

She pretty much clung to me the entire 45 minutes we were there and, if I’m honest, my heart sank. I was reassured by Angela that she would come round and you know what? She did. Sienna just had to take her time to settle in.

Tumble Tots Wakefield

It’s worth pointing out that Sienna started a few months younger than Lucas, starting just after she turned one. She wasn’t quite walking either which meant that she didn’t have the freedom of the equipment as she would like. She’s an independent little thing and really enjoyed Tumble Tots Walking to Two Years once she could walk. Would I have started her later if I had known this? No, I wouldn’t because I think the sessions helped her confidence in walking massively. Like with other baby groups we’ve done, she really enjoyed the singing and dancing initially too.


Sienna realised she could climb after a few weeks of sessions. Not just in Tumble Tots but everywhere! When we got back from Venice, she was scaling the stairs! She was sliding off the bed backwards and clambering up the sofa! In the last few months she has gone from strength to strength, taking the lead in sessions. I just wander around behind her, attempting to help her now and then, much to her disgust! Sienna is not so confident when it comes to the singing and dancing just yet. She gets involved from the comfort of my knee and was smiling broadly throughout todays songs (one my my faves – Three Little Men In A Flying Saucer). It won’t be long before she’s wiggling her tush to the music.

Tumble Tots Wakefield


Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a love for Angela as much as Lucas did. Lucas went as far as naming a crocodile shaped water bottle after in when we went to Australia. Sienna, on the other hand, spent the first six or so lessons crying if she even so much as looked at her! Luckily, Angela found it hilarious! It became a little running joke and we laughed as Angela moved to the other side of the room so Sienna could go on a certain bit of equipment. Again, slowly but surely, she is coming around to her. She will let her stay by the equipment and even waves goodbye when we go but she eyes her suspiciously most of the time.

Sienna’s favourite is Emma. She will happily stay on the piece of equipment she is on all all session and will interact and let her help her. It’s super cute. You can see a gorgeous picture of Emma and Sienna on my Instagram page.

Tumble Tots Wakefield

If you are interested in reading more about Tumble Tots Wakefield, you can find their website here. If you’d like to read about Lucas’ adventure with Tumble Tots, you can find them here and here ☺ I haven’t been asked to write this post, I just really love Tumble Tots and everything they’re about!

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  1. My mum used to take me to Tumble Tots over 30 years ago!! Unfortunately there wasn’t one local to me but we went to a toddler gym regularly which was great. #KCACOLS

  2. What a brilliant class for building up their gross motor skills! I have two very ‘physical’ children, but Wakefield is a little too far for w class for us. I’ve just started Charlotte at a singing and movement class to help her confidence in group situations as she has started clinging to me when we are around others #kcacols

    1. They have them in other areas too. Singing and movement sounds great. A new class thats hosted by a Zumba teacher is starting soon and id like to take Sienna to that too x

  3. This looks great! 😀
    We’ve never done any Tumble Tots or such, mostly because of the expense which sadly is too high for many families, but it looks like a great thing. 🙂

    1. Yes it is a costly commitment. I usually ask for money for their birthdays etc when they are little and don’t need a lot, then put it towards the sessions. thanks for stopping by x

  4. This looks like such a wonderful place for little ones. I would have loved to take my little ones to a place like this one when they were younger. To my knowledge, there’s no place like that here. #KCACOLS

  5. It looks like a great facility for toddlers. We don’t have anything like it where I live, if I did I would definitely have brought my daughters to it. #KCACOLS

  6. My son (who is 21 next week!) went to the older version of Tumble Tots after school. He really loved it, it is great that it is still going.

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