Walks for children Wakefield

Wakefield Walks

The Corona Virus is something that will be making history. Our children will tell their grandchildren about the time that the country stopped, parents stayed home and we spent a lot of time playing and making memories. In times like this, you have to try and see the positives. I’m actually making a list of achievements in lockdown but that’s for another post. Today it’s walks for children in Wakefield!

I wanted to share my appreciation for the area we live in. We have found so many new places to explore during lockdown. The app I’m using to show you the routes is called Footpath. I was introduced to it by my best friend Stef who goes on epic walks. You can use it to draw a route and it will find the footpaths for you.

Wrenthorpe Park and Alverthorpe Meadows 

Distance: Approx 1.8 miles

As most who know or follow me will know, we live in the little village of Wrenthorpe. Our house us about a ten-minute walk from Wrenthorpe Park (20 minutes if Sienna is walking!). I’ve spent many an evening sitting in the park as a teen. Many an afternoon after school with the kids in the playground. However, it’s been years since I ventured around the park and Alverthorpe Meadows. It’s crazy considering I grew up on the edge of the park! We used to walk our dog down there every evening!

Walks for children Wakefield Wrenthorpe Park and Alverthorpe Meadows

In lockdown we’ve been exploring more and, as you can see from the map, there are so many walking options. It never needs to get boring with lots of different routes to take. There is plenty of grass to play football and other games. Lots of open space to let the kids run off some energy. There are smooth paths for bike riding and lots of cute little bridges and woodland for exploring. 

Wrenthorpe Park and Alverthorpe Meadows - Walks for children Wakefield

The Horsey Walk

Distance: Approx 2 miles

Obviously this is not the actual name of the walk – haha! I have to name them so the kids can pick which walk they want to do. My best friends Mum and Dad have lived down Troughwell Lane (Troughy) in Wrenthorpe all our lives. Despite this, I’d never been up past their house till recently. It’s a beautiful walk down a bridle path with fields and views on each side. There are lots of horses in the field which the kids love to look at. For Lucas, who usually likes to go on his bike, it’s a pretty good track. There is only one big hill on the footpath between Jerry Clay Lane and Troughy. There are some beautiful houses on Brandy Carr Road if that’s your thing too. 

Walks for children Wakefield
Walks for children Wakefield

The Den

Distance: Approx 1.8 miles

This walk is in the Outwood area, five minutes up to the road in the car. I usually park in the train station car park while it’s not being used much. Alternatively, you can park on the side of the road.

There are some lovely woodland walks around here. This is just one of them but I definitely recommend exploring them! The only downside of the walk is the exit back out onto the road near where it says The Woods. It is quite overgrown so be warned and walk the road route back if you don’t fancy bushwacking! Again, most of this walk is really flat so it’s good for new bike riders like Lucas and buggies. Sienna is two and a half and her little legs get tired so I always take the buggy now. It’s painful if I don’t…literally (i end up carrying her) and mentally (her moaning). 

Walks for children Wakefield

Why “The Den”? We found it after my friend and his two boys built an EPIC den in the woods down Lawns Lane. I have put a little star where the den is. It’s well worth finding if you live in the area. If you can’t figure it out on the map, send me a message on Instagram and I’ll direct you! 

Walks for children Wakefield Den building

So there you go, three new and lovely wakefield walks we’ve found whilst in lockdown. If you know of any new ones in my area, specifically child friendly, please let me know! Lucas loves exploring and our walks are something we are really enjoying and hoping to carry on after lockdown. Let me know if you found this kind of post beneficial and I’ll do some more! 

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