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In the last week of the Summer Holidays, my husband had a week booked off. Given that he worked 14 hour days, Tuesday through to Saturday, time together as a family is rare and special. Conversation between us had brought up the topic of what to do with his week off: trips to the seaside, theme parks, visits to friends down south etc. Weekend breaks with kids can be tricky! What it all came back to was cost. We didn’t want to spend a fortune in a week. With Christmas and a second maternity leave looming, we had to be wise with our money. We both felt that if we spent hundreds on a variety of trips, it was money that could have gone towards a holiday in 2018.

I got my laptop out one morning while Ric was still asleep, browsing for possibilities! I ended up on the Drayton Manor website.


Great Deals!

It’s a good couple of hours drive away from our home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I clicked on short breaks and entered dated for the first two days of September. I was pleasantly surprised! In fact, I was so surprised at the deal I found, I thought it must be wrong! The deal included:

  • Two days in the park, including Thomas Land, for all three of us.
  • A triple room in the hotel with bed and breakfast (there were no family rooms left)
  • Admission to VertiGO Tots for our little man (which is a toddler version of Go Ape!)

Total: £150! That’s £50 each for all of that! 

I was convinced that someone was going to ring me and tell me that the deal was wrong! They did ring me, but only to book in the slot on VertiGO Tots. They also do Thomas Themed rooms but the prices were a lot more for this so we stuck to the standard room.


We showed Lucas a video on YouTube that someone had taken of their visit. He was very excited to know that he could go on all the rides and see Thomas. Despite the long drive (for a three year old anyway), he was so good and happy to look out of the window. Even had a sing along to songs from my iPod.


Day One

Arriving around 10:30am, we picked up our tickets from the hotel reception. We couldn’t check in until later so we headed towards the park and left our things in the car. To save money further, I had packed a cool bag with picnic goodies. We packed up my husbands backpack to take in with us for our lunch. We were given a map in the hotel and it looked like a huge park but when we got in there, it actually wasn’t as big as the map showed. It was a pleasant and short walk towards Thomas Land. Lucas was so excited about I thought he might combust!

The Rides

Firstly I was impressed by how big Thomas Land was, with twenty rides/attractions! I found myself glad that we had two days to enjoy it all so we didn’t have to rush or worry about queuing. Our excited little man was really patient in waiting his turn.

Height Requirements…

We quickly discovered he was 0.95m tall, so there were only three rides that he was not able to enjoy: Cranky’s Tower Drop, Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster and Terence’s Driving School. (Note: When we returned for this 5th birthday he could go on them all and ADORED Cranky’s and Thoublesome Trucks!) There were a few kids getting upset about not being able to go on certain rides. We were turned away from was Terence’s Driving School which surprised me as I thought he’d be okay on. I was really proud that L was accepting of it and just said “When i’m a bigger boy I can go on it.


His favourite rides were definitely the Rocking Bulstrode, Toby’s Tram Express and Jeremy Jet’s Flying Academy. He honestly enjoyed them all but was dubious about going on Bertie Bus but his face was a picture when he got off it! He came running over to me, he was so proud of himself for being brave and going on it.

Given that I was five months pregnant with our second child, there wasn’t a lot I could go on! We did get to share a few rides together: Sodor Classic Cars and Winston’s Whistle Stop Tours which was cute.

The thing that I liked about Drayton Manor is that it’s super family friendly. There is a real mixture of rides meaning that there is something for everyone. From the big thrill seeker rides, bigger family rides and Thomas Land for the pre-schoolers. Lucas clearly follows in his parents footsteps with a love of rides! The Flying Dutchman flew him high in the air and we had a lovely time on the traditional Carousel together.

VertiGO Tots

We ended our first day with VertiGO Tots. Given that he has been doing Tumble Tots for the last two years, we knew he’d love it! Once he got the hang of the harness, he got more and more confident moving around the course.


We arrived back at the hotel about 4:30pm and, as we checked in, I asked (on the off chance) if they had any family rooms available. We’d only been able to book a triple, which consisted of three single beds. It wasn’t a problem for Ric and I. Lucas, however, has a tendency to move about a lot in his sleep and might roll out!

The nice lady behind reception said that she would look and managed to change the room…at no additional cost! Very impressive! Little L was very excited about his special bed (aka a sofa bed). When we got in our room, we didn’t have the bedding to make it up. I rang down to reception. No one answered but then they rang back (another impressed tick!). They sent someone up immediately who was lovely, polite and chatty. I then realised that we hadn’t brought a nappy for night-time. “I can sleep without a nappy, Mummy.” said our son. “No you can’t.” I said bluntly and sent the hubby off to the nearest shop. He asked at reception and they handed him some! Great customer service!


There are two options for evening meal: a grill restaurant just outside the park or an al la carte restaurant in the hotel. This also had an option of an All You Can Eat buffet. They also had a kids club between 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Rory the Tiger and the Live Entertainment team come to play with the kids.

Family Time

The aim was to spend some quality time as a family and entertain our son throughout. Drayton Manor definitely met these needs and we couldn’t have asked for a better couple of days. As well as rides there is a zoo and dinosaur attraction. Both were really enjoyable to wander around on our second day, before the rides opened.


A month on and he still asks if he can “got to Thomas Land again next week”. I’ve promised him we will go next year. I will look to go in school time while I’m on maternity leave. The park will be slightly quieter, not that it was really a huge issue.

UPDATE – We went for Lucas’ 5th Birthday. We had another brilliant two days in the park and a great stay in the hotel!


Have you been to Drayton Manor? What did you think of it? Can you recommend any other theme parks that would be suitable for a pre-schooler? Comment below or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – don’t forget to click like/follow! 🙂

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This post is not written in conjunction with Drayton Manor. 

That’s Doggie Dokie under his arm, won by me on Donkey Derby…even though I was only against my hubby and son!

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  1. We went earlier this year and also loved it. We drove down from Warrington so did it in 1 day but would definitely consider staying over if there’s deals like yours to be had!!
    I though some of the queue times were a bit too long but Alton Towers was worse! Thomas Land has such careful attention to detail and really was fantastic for any thomas fan.

  2. This looks like so much fun, I really want to take my little lady here. Looks like it was lots of fun. Added to the bucket list. Thank you so much for linking yo with #KCACOLS this week, hope to see you next week.

  3. Vertigo tots looks amazing. I can’t remember the last time I went to Drayton Manner. Long before Thomasland was there that’s for sure. #kcacols

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