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Did you know that September is Sewing Month? No, neither did I until I got my Blogger’s Bible from Stationery Geek and it was in the calendar! I thought it was a perfect opportunity to write a post about one of my favourite small businesses, Sew Sian. They create stunning personalised clothing for all ages and occasions.

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Brand Rep

Becka’s Bubble was accepted as a brand rep for Sew Sian in October 2018. I was over the moon when Sian asked me to stay on with her company in December 2018. As a brand rep, I’m given a discount code (BECKA10) which gives anyone who uses it 10% off their order. The collaboration works by Sian giving me a discount on my orders along with some freebies (she is so thoughtful and generous with these) and in return I promote her business via my blog and social media. Mainly I use Instagram, as it’s my favourite place to be, but I do like to share on Twitter and Facebook too. One of the things I love most about working with Sew Sian is that I can get Lucas and Sienna twinning, which can be SOOOOOOO hard when you have boy/girl siblings!


Sew Sian is a family run, small business which was established in 2018. They create beautiful personalised clothing and gifts for all ages and occasions. All of their items are embroidered in their own home studio and all of their leggings are sewn by owner, Sian. Chris and Sian are parents to the gorgeous Archie and have a little girl on the way (which I’m super excited about!).

Sew Sian


Sew Sian

She is the heart of the company. I’m so lucky to have got to know her over the last 11 months. She is a beautiful person, inside and out, who cares passionately about her customers and the products she provides. Sian loves a challenge! Many times I, and others, have messaged her with an idea and she has brought it to life with her creativity, imagination and eye for design. Sew Sian is literally Sian, Chris, Archie and their cute dog Winston and as Chris is the “tech guy” the rest is down to Sian. She works tirelessly to ensure that everyone gets the products they order in perfect condition and as quickly as she can manage. Sian is a good egg, that is for sure!


Within this post I thought I would share my favourites from Sew Sian!

personalised boys tee

One of the first items Sian sent us was this tee. She had seen his wall in his bedroom on my stories and made it to match. I was overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness. Lucas loves this tee and, 11 months on, still wears it regularly. Sew Sian clothes are such good quality. They withstand plenty of washing and wear and tear.


boy/girl twinning tops
Look at how bald Sienna was! Ha ha!

Like I said earlier, having a boy and a girl makes it difficult to twin them which I love to do. Sew Sian helps me out with this all the time and these Little Bear/Big Bear tees and an example of it! How cute?


As you can see, Sienna does too! These dungas are so soft and comfy for Sienna to play, run and chill in. The Sew Sian signature scroll writing is classy and cute. They don’t have poppers (people always ask this) but it doesn’t matter because they are elasticated at the back and are easy to pull down.


Another gorgeous twinning set! I got Lucas and Sienna these for Easter! A cute bunny with their names in scroll font underneath. Sienna has bunny leggings to match but it was too warm for leggings – in April, I know! *shock*


All the leopard print! I love it! Let me say firstly, Sew Sian leggings are FAB! Loads of unique and awesome patterns and colours, durable, hard wearing and seem to last Sienna for ages! These leopard print leggings are definitely my favourite. The dress has a leopard print heart with her name across it in pink. I’ve never seen a design like this before and Sienna wears this dress all the time. As with most Sew Sian products, it is available in lots of different colour combinations.


first birthday clothing

Finally, i adore Sew Sian’s birthday tops. Sienna wore this on her birthday and we had a lovely bib with “One” on for her party. As well as age tops, they do pyjamas that say “When I Wake Up I Will Be *insert age here*” as well as bibs and teddies! If you’re looking for a cute birth or pregnancy announcement, Sian can help with that too! Why not get organised and order some Halloween and Christmas personalised goodies?

So if you’re looking for personalised clothing for your hubby, son, daughter, grandma, the dog or yourself, definitely take a look at Sew Sian. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and don’t forget my discount code BECKA10 to get 10% off your order!

Find Sew Sian’s personalised clothing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and you can order through their website too.

I’ll also keep you updated on Sew Sian products via Instagram! Which is your favourite from my favourites? Have you ordered from Sew Sian before? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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