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I really enjoyed linking up with other bloggers/vloggers. Since investing more time in my Instagram I’ve found a fab and supportive world of people who are creating some fantastic content and are really creative. There is a lot of love to be shared amongst us therefore I would like to support that in the form of a blogger profile.

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During 2016 on Educating Roversi, I wrote a series called “Featured Blogger“…

…where I collaborated with a blogger to create a blogger profile once a month. The post that told the reader all about them. With all that in mind I have created “Introducing…” for Becka’s Bubble, consisting of ten questions about blogging, parenthood (if you’re a parent!) and fun, silly stuff. I will be linking websites and all social media and including their favourite images and a song they love.

The idea is to share all the lovely people I come across whilst blogging. I want to promote their good and hard work. it’s also good to create physical links with other blogs as backlinks are great for SEO on websites! Here is an example of the blogger profile.

If you’re a blogger/vlogger and would like to be involved, please contact me! Email (, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we can begin our collaboration!

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  1. This is a great idea. I’ll admit I am exceptionally nosey and I love finding out about the people behind the blogs! #kcacols

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