Review: SuperZings Rivals Of Kaboom!

Picture the scene…you’re Mum to two. You’re ill. Feeling more poorly than you’ve felt in a long time. Your older child is at school. The toddler is being entertained by a Disney film, for now. You lay there wondering how you’re going to survive from school run to bedtime. Then there is a knock at the door and a man stands before you with a large box. Inside the parcel are SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom and immediately you know that the struggle till bedtime will be saved! 

SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom

Ladies and gents, the above story is actually what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Lucas was kindly sent a collection of toys from the SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom range. These toys saved me that afternoon, and the following afternoon and all weekend! A massive hit with Lucas and Sienna actually got involved too! 

So What Are SuperZings? 


SuperZings everyday items, including toasters, diggers and lemons, transformed into super heroes and super villains. They’re aimed at children aged 4-7 years old however, like I said earlier, Sienna was definitely very interested by them too. I just had to keep an eye on her so she didn’t put the small characters in her mouth. 

Each character is a little, rubber collectable that belongs to a gang with a team captain, vehicle and hideout. They come in blind bags and there are gold, silver and rare characters to find. There are over 80 SuperZing characters to collect in total! 


Lucas was sent the Monster Roller, Tower Assault and Lab Battle plus ten individual SuperZing blind bags which I set out on the table for when he got in from school. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he saw them. 

“I’ve seen these on TV!” he said. 

Honestly, I struggled to unbox them. Mainly because Lucas was jigging around in front of me and trying to grab it off me as I got each item out. Plus, just moving my arms used the limited energy I had in my poorly state. Luckily, once they were out that was it, I didn’t hear a peep out of Lucas until I told him it was bedtime and he sulked because he wanted to keep playing!

SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom Monster Roller

Monster Roller

This is my personal favourite. The Monster Roller has a super cannon that gobbles up villains by rolling over them and trapping them in the monster truck. It’s a suped up car complete with built in blaster and this set comes with two exclusive SuperZings. 

SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom Tower Assault

Tower Assault gobbles up SuperZings while the catapult sends them flying high into the air! I loved that it came with a little skateboard for the SuperZings to go on and be launched on the cannon. This set came with two exclusive SuperZings too. 

SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom

SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom Lab Battle

Finally, the ultimate SuperZings laboratory! This is very special as it comes with unique and exclusive Enigma and Professor K figurines plus lab, robot and ship! This held Lucas’ attention the most as it incorporates lots of traps and blasters. Every little boys dream! 

SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom

The bright colours and quirky imaginative characters make SuperZings appealing to children of all ages and genders. With new characters to collect it’s a toy that can be developed to make it long lasting and always evolving. The blind bags start from just a couple of pounds. This makes them the perfect small treat or prize if your child has achieved something you want to reward them for. I’ve actually bought Lucas some more blind bags to wrap up for his stocking on Christmas Day. I love it when Lucas gets lost in a toy such as this. It’s wonderful to watch him play, create stories, chatter on (in an American accent!) and get lost in his own imagination. I would happily buy him more sets from the SuperZings collection in the future because he so clearly loves them and gets lots of enjoyment from playing with them. 

SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom

Genuinely, if it wasn’t for those toys on that Thursday afternoon, I don’t know what I would have done. Any parent knows, being poorly isn’t really an option when you have children and relaxing it’s on the cards but with the Rivals of Kaboom transporting Lucas and Sienna to another world, I was actually able to be poorly in peace! 

You can buy SuperZings on Amazon, The Entertainer, Asda, Tesco and many more! You can also find SuperZings on Facebook and Instagram.

We were sent the SuperZings products for the purpose of a review however all words and opinions are my own. 

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