Cayton Bay

Cayton Bay Easter Fun

The Roversi’s love a caravan holiday, even more so after Cayton Bay.

Family in the car travelling to Cayton Bay

Ric was a little snobbish about them until we went to Wales in April 2016 and it changed his outlook. They always have loads going on for the kids and we all know that happy kids make happy parents! This Easter (2019) we went to Cayton Bay in North Yorkshire. We hired a family members two bedroom caravan and we had the best four days. I actually wished I’d booked for longer…which is why we’ve booked to go back for a week in the summer holidays!

Sienna and Lucas in caravan at Cayton Bay


Location is key for us when it comes to caravan holidays.

Caravan at Cayton Bay

Firstly, we don’t want to be in the car too long with two small children. On this occasion we had my mum too so Ric was squashed in between the two car seats. It was definitely important we didn’t go too far. Cayton Bay is just an hour and a half from our home which is perfect.

Becka and Roma Capsule 2 on the beach at Scarborough
We took the Roma Capsule 2 and it was fab! So small and compact!

Secondly, the caravan needs to be located near to the activities for us. We found in Wales that the caravan was so far from everything that we drove up to the main area a lot because we had little legs that get tired. At Cayton Bay, my auntie’s caravan is literally a three minute walk from everything!


Cayton Bay is a Park Dean resort and they all have a fab entertainment team to keep the children happy.

Lucas on stage 1 at Cayton Bay

Every evening from 6:45pm, the Starland Krew take to the stage for games, singing, dancing and competitions. Lucas LOVED this and was very excited to go to the “disco” every evening. He won “Best Dancer” two out of three nights! My kids aren’t the best at staying up past their bedtime but Sienna having a three hour nap on an afternoon made all the difference and kept her going a little longer.

Lucas on stage 2 at Cayton Bay

During the day they have kids club type activities run by the entertainment crew as well as water activities like those big clear balls you get inside and fall about, a great adventure playground, arcade, football/basketball court, bikes and mini golf. There really is something for everyone.

Reverse's at the family entertainment show at Cayton Bay

Both our kids LOVED the pool at Cayton Bay. It’s not too deep so really child friendly, with smaller slides and one big one than a splash area. Sienna was mental and kept throwing herself in and screeching, demanding to go on the little slide with us. The first time we visited it, there was an incident after 45 minutes of swimming involving poop in the pool. It was a little grim but the staff handled it fantastically. We went back the day after because the kids enjoyed it so much and I know we’ll be in there a few times when we go back in the summer.

Beautiful North Yorkshire

As well as Cayton Bay, places like Scarborough, Filey, Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay etc are all nearby. It really doesn’t have to cost much as you can walk for miles along gorgeous beaches and coastlines. There is also Flamingo Land not too far away which is a zoo and theme park combined!

Lucas at Harbour Bar with Ice Cream, scarborough

We visited Harbour Bar Ice Cream Parlous at Scarborough where I indulged in a not-so-weight-watchers waffle with ice cream, fruit and cream. It was DELICIOUS and worth every mouthful! Scarborough also hosts the stunning Peasholm Park, Sealife Centre and Alpamare Water Park.

Filey beach

Filey doesn’t have a lot there but it does have a great and long beach. It’s so long that I got lost on it when I was four years old! We had a lovely but cold walk down the beach before having tea at the pub across from the caravan site – The Tow Bar. This has entertainment every night if you fancy something different to the site show and the food is traditional, tasty pub grub at its best.

Family Time

Any time away from the Roversi’s is special, because we don’t get to spend that much time as a family of four. Being away from home means I can actually sit down and relax, rather than thinking about putting another load of washing in or cleaning the bathroom.

In the caravan at Cayton Bay

With my Mum with us, it was a perfect balance – three adults to two children. We all pulled together as a team and that meant we all got to relax too. There was actually a moment when Sienna was napping, Ric was reading, Mum was looking at her magazine, Lucas was on his tablet and I was on my phone…the silence was amazing!

By the sea! Scarborough

I never thought I’d pick a British caravan holiday over an abroad holiday somewhere hot but this year, we have! We decided that Sienna was at a dodgy age for going abroad. She likes to screech a lot – not good for planes. She likes to run about everywhere – won’t be very relaxing for Ric and I. So we’re saving our money for next year and I actually can’t wait to go back to Cayton Bay at the end of July. The change of scenery will be refreshing and, if the weather is good, beach days are going to be perfect!

Keep an eye on my Instagram because, signal allowing (it’s a bit in and out at the site) I will show you what we get up to!

Have you been to Cayton Bay? Can you recommend any other caravan resorts in the UK? We’re also thinking about going to a Eurocamp next year so any recommendations for that would be fab! Comment below or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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