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I’m proud to have collaborated with family photographer Hannah Brooke for her series This Is Motherhood…

Becka and I have been connected on Instagram for a while, and this was one of those “Yay, we met IRL” (in real life!) moments! Turns out we had more in common than we realised – similar outlook on life, son’s the same age, both of have strong minded girls as our second child and even friends in common. Such a small world! An ex-drama teacher, Becka found that being a stay at home Mum wasn’t for her either and now finally feels she has the balance right, working part time a Social Media Manager, running her blog www.beckasbubble.com and of course, spending loads of time with her gorgeous children.

Here is her story…”

You can read my story on her blog, click here! Hannah is a wonderful family photographer and really made us feel at ease with the whole thing. The kids and I were able to enjoy time together and precious moments which Hannah captured beautifully.

If you’re looking for a family photographer,

  • wedding photographer,
  • baby photographer
  • or any other type of photographer,

you can find Hannah on Facebook, Instagram and her website.

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